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God Sent You to Me - This Time!

I was told that I could get a loan for $65 million dollars for humanitarian work but I had to first put up $80,000 dollars in escrow money. Then in 8-14 days I would receive money thru Citibank.

I'm a pastor of a church and was going to get the money from my congregation. Is this for real?

Anthony Bethel 05/23/03


From: James Mobley
Date: 16 May 2003


Per reference our talks, dated Thursday, May 15, 2003 as in regards to acquiring an SBLC on behalf of Tony Bethel, et al.

Tony, many projects have been presented and many have completed the process that is biphasic. The initial phase being, rental of the SBLC for project(s) needs and then lodged with your bank. The SBLC is issued by Citibank, New York with full banking responsibility, fully guaranteed, transferable and indivisible with Zero (0%) annual interest, term is for one year one day with extensions, clearing mode is bank-to-bank via EUROCLEAR; an internal bank reference verification mode to authenticate its issuance.

As you have chosen to move forward, we shall need an Letter of Intent (LOI) from you on your company letterhead directed to; FBSA (Federal Business Services & Acquisitions) Attn: James Mobley.

The key criteria Tony is ensuring that you have a qualified and verifiable project with the ability to service the debt within its agreed allotted time (One year One day with extensions). This is extremely important Tony!!

If you do not have a strong viable project, to meet the requirements, as I have stated, we have assisted several major projects that would not have met the compliance requirements of the Asset Provider, however, this is our area of expertise, to make sure your project(s) are compliant.

Be assured, the Compliance Department of Citibank will verify the authenticity or merits of the project(s) presented. Once the below procedures are satisfied to the Asset Provider’s  requirements (posting of bank transaction fee), relevant documentation as to pass successful client performances shall be disclose to you at that time with the Asset Provider.

Also, in regards to posting of Escrow Fees into the Escrow Holder’s Account permits the SBLC Provider and Citibank, New York to form a "sample copy" for the client and their qualified financial advisor to examine the SBLC (London Short Form 3034) verbiage prior to “releasing the funds” held in escrow.

Remember, the Escrow Funds are held in abeyance until the client and their representative "sign" the "sample copy" approving the verbiage. The client’s signature represents an approval to release the escrow funds to Citibank, and within 5 to 10 bank days the client receives their "SBLC  and EUROCLEAR Codes", and a hard copy in full color sent either via email or express  courier directly from Citibank, New York to the client. Any Bank in the world once the client has their SBLC Codes can pull down on EUROCLEAR and screen their SBLC.

Herein are the terms and release conditions to be stipulated in your Irrevocable Letter of Credit, as so described;  

“<<<<<<< Party places confirmed letter of credit with full bank responsibility and authority, hereby irrevocably and conditionally, upon conditions qualified without protest in the amount of $80,000 USD for bank transaction fee with Escrow Holder for Escrow Account.

Upon acceptance and verification of L/C a deposit receipt shall be issued to Escrow Holder and immediately transferred to Citibank, New York for purposes of issuing a sample Letter of Credit from Citibank, New York three (3) days after Escrow Holder receives verifiable and confirmed L/C.

Client reviews letter of credit with own bank or trader to assure that the format is accepted. When approved, the client signs sample letter and returns to Escrow Agent. Contract with client and Citibank, New York is signed and returned to Citibank. Client gives Escrow Holder  written authority to release immediately L/C via actual escrow funds to Citibank. Within 5 to 10 days the original letter of  credit can be withdrawn by client off EUROCLEAR.” 

As previously discussed Tony, in addition, client shall disburse a cash retainer to Escrow Holder for services to be rendered by Escrow Holder hereunder in the amount of $5,000 USD deposited by client in the execution of this process. Escrow Holder for all reasonable expenses, disbursements, (this does not include processing of L/C by receiving bank, bank shall determine processing fee at time of convergence) and advances made in performance of its duties hereunder, including disbursement and expenses of its counsel. This is clearly to be understood this cash retainer is non-refundable.

Tony, please notify and provide for me complete bank coordinates of Mr. S’s issuing bank providing the Irrevocable Letter of Credit in order to notify our Bank concerns of his incoming bank instrument for such execution.

If there are any questions and/or comments either by you or Mr. S, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at the earliest. You’re at liberty to call me anytime.

I await your immediate reply.

Best regards,

James Mobley
FBSA, Director

Sadly it is an attempt to fleece you and your flock.  See this article on the London Short Form 3034 scam as well as my section on Prime Bank Fraud.

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