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Forward United Online Pyramid Scheme

Upset at seeing it, I wanted to send in this sickening pyramid scheme which is trying to cash in on the 9/11 disaster and the "American Way". The only flag that people should see here is a red one.

It is obviously illegal despite their affirmations of patriotism and bogus endorsements.

Sage 06/03/02

We Will Prevail!

Our Nation and Our Economy Have Taken Some Serious Hits, But America is STRONG!

Here Is Information To Help You and Your Family Survive During
These Tough Financial Times.

UNFORTUNATELY, we are going to be faced with financial insecurity for the next few years, and we need to fight this aspect of terrorism as vigorously as we fight the perpetrators of these heinous acts against us.

Many Americans will need additional funds to see their way clear in these uncertain times, and we would like to suggest a realistic way for you to do this without investing large sums of money, taking any unnecessary risks, or possessing any special skills.

It’s important to continue with business as usual

We are all horrified by the vile attacks on our fellow Americans, our way of life, and the values we hold dear. We were all affected by this, but the best response we can send back to these cowards is to keep conducting business as usual.

Our own president echoed those exact words. If we make any major changes to our way of life, we would be playing right into the hands of these vermin.

That was their goal use terror as a tool to deny us our free way of life. These maniacs have usurped the Islamic religion as a front to justify their murderous inclinations.

These lunatics are true Muslims just as much as we’re all little green Martians.

We should never forget those who lost their lives in this heinous tragedy, but we also need to think about the future of our country.

The American people, our government, and many humanitarian institutions have responded to the financial needs of the families and organizations directly affected by this tragedy (in the form of generous contributions).

By this unselfish act, we showed the world that we will look after our own, as well as punish those responsible.

These cowards did not anticipate the unselfish and caring nature of the American people. This miscalculation on their part has them extremely worried because they didn’t expect us to unite against them the way we did.

They expected us to run for cover and seek some kind of quick settlement. They found out how wrong they were, and they will continue to reap our collective wrath for years to come.


There will probably be more to come, and we're going to take more hits as the war progresses; but we must stay united and steadfast in our resolve. The only conditions acceptable to these people for peaceful coexistence is the complete abandonment of our ideals, our religious beliefs, and our freedom.

These carrion would further expect to subjugate us to their repressive form of religious zeal that even condones murder as a form of religious expression.

Someone once said that "the best defense is a good offense".

Offensive action is the only alternative we have because there is no compromise with these fanatics. Assuming a bunker mentality will be interpreted as a sign of weakness, and it will only encourage our adversaries to further escalate their efforts.

That's why we only have one alternative attack and keep attacking until there is no place for them to hide. Anything less will result in an escalation of activity that will cost many more lives than direct confrontation would exact from us.

It will never end completely, but we can reduce the activity to minor skirmishes. Freedom is not free of cost!


In the meantime, we are going to face some sad economic realities because, like it or not, this tragedy has negatively affected an economy that was already showing signs of weakening.

This could tend to create conflict and division among people looking to place blame, but we demonstrated that we were better than that.

For the foreseeable future, we are no longer Republicans or Democrats ...we're no longer black, white, Muslim, Christian, or Jew.

From now on we are all grouped into one simple category ...Americans! If we do not remain united and steadfast, then our adversary wins because that is also part of their goal turn us against one another.

The people behind these heinous attacks are not true Muslims because the Muslim faith does not advocate indiscriminate killing in the name of religion.


We have many Muslim Americans in this country, and they are just as much Americans as anyone else. They have nothing in common with the vermin who wish to destroy us. If we so much as whisper epithets or look down on any American based on color, race, or religion, then we are assisting those who wish to destroy our way of life.

Maybe it took something as tragic as this to bring us all together as a people, but that has actually become one of our best weapons against these maniacs.

An important weapon is denying them the satisfaction of seeing us economically battered as the result of their actions. Remember that we ALL started out as immigrants in this country ...except for the American Indian.


Economic survival is why this letter was written. Many Americans are either facing layoffs or have recently been laid off. Many economists feel it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, and many of us will need a better way to keep our economic boats afloat (especially those families who lost loved ones).

We can't prevent negative fluctuations in our economy because we live in a free society which allows the market to find its own level of comfort. Many experts are predicting more attacks, and we need to be ready for the consequences.

We're going to introduce you to a way that allows you to make a lot of cash money. What you do with that money is your business, but we have a few suggestions.

You've heard our leaders encouraging everyone to support the economy by not postponing any major purchases that were in place before the tragedy of Sept. 11th, 2001.

That's an excellent suggestion, but it's a pretty tough assignment for a family that's not sure if they'll even have an income in a few months. All of us could use additional financial resources!

This program will provide you a level of comfort that allows you to continue with your financial planning in an atmosphere of complete security.

We cannot expect people to pour money into our economy if their primary concern is putting food on the table for their families.

If this letter can eliminate this concern, it will help our economy ...and that to us is a form of retaliation against terrorism and tyranny! You should also buy American products when given the choice.

WHO WROTE THIS LETTER will become a believer.


You will find our names and photographs on our Web Site. We use our web site to help you make money with this business we're going to explain to you.

Along with other valuable information, this Web Site will also provide several phone numbers for you and others to speak with us. Naturally, we have an e-mail address as well.

As mentioned earlier, we're a group of professional men and women who decided to fight back the best way we know how. Our group includes a physician, an attorney, an engineer, a financial planner, a policeman, and a psychologist.

Our ages vary between the mid thirties to the mid fifties. We'll give you our names, tell you about ourselves, and we'll give you some non-traceable phone numbers so you can communicate with us.

We'll even provide an email address so that you can write to us. Maybe later we'll even include a live web cam so you can chat online with us, but that will depend more on you and your response to our effort than our desire to do it.

If you're not reading this letter on our web site, you can meet us on our web site at

We have taken elaborate steps to insulate ourselves from retaliation by anyone who would take exception to what we're doing. We have also made it possible for you to join us and remain COMPLETELY anonymous.


a Networking Guide which can be printed from our Web Site after you join us.


Our first obstacle was finding THE best business that anyone could make money at regardless of education or experience (as long as they were willing to put forth a reasonable effort). We could have provided you with our picks of the best franchise businesses, but that would only work for the very few who had a lot of capital to invest.

We also could have given you a list of stocks we felt were going to go up in the near future; but, once again, it would require a large capital investment well as considerable risk given the times we live in.

We looked at dozens of ways to make money. Unfortunately, they all either required large outlays of capital or specialized expertise that eliminated many average folk. One close contender was teaching you how to start a web site offering to sell information, entertainment, or a product. Once again, it was too complex for the average person to follow, and it did require a considerable outlay of money.


After several months of agonizing over this dilemma, we finally came up with the only business that fit the bill. It didn't require any significant capital outlay, it didn't require any previous experience, and it didn't require any special skills.

In other words, ANYONE can do it if they are willing to trust someone and follow some simple guidance. It also allows everyone to make a lot of cash money each month as an ongoing income! We're probably talking about more money than you would earn at your regular job, and it's all in CASH!

What you do with this cash is your business because we do not report any earnings by our participants to anyone. Declare it as income, don't declare it - it's entirely up to you. We don't report earned income to any government entity because it creates a paper trail that could possibly negate the anonymity we promised you, and that is very important to us. You must feel completely secure that nobody outside of our extended organization will know what you're doing or who you are.


No, NOT "Network Marketing" ...just Networking. Let's say you are a new participant in this networking business.

This business is by invitation only, and you were contacted by another participant either by mail, phone, the Internet, in person, etc., etc. The person who contacted you is networking by contacting other people for the purpose of informing them of this opportunity. You must have the code number of an existing participant in order to participate in this business.

The networking process begins with each participant agreeing to send a $5 cash gift to six other people each month (for a total of $30 per month). Actually, it's $90 every three months (every quarter) plus a $10 admin fee (for a total quarterly payment of $100). This is the unselfish part. This may not sound like a great bargain for you at this point, but you will later receive hundreds (even thousands) of $5 gifts each month from others you network with ...and WE WILL HELP YOU WITH THIS! This help will come in the form of our phone lines, our Web Site, and something we call The Networking Guide


Once you become a participant, The Networking Guide will teach you exactly how to network with others so you can easily and economically build a large network that will send you many $5 gifts each month (which will be paid to you in a lump sum each month).

The Networking Guide ties together the use of mail (postcards or booklets), our phone lines, your person-to-person or phone contacts, the Internet, and the use of our Web Site into one very easy-to-follow publication. We wrote it for the average person to easily follow because putting cash money into the average person's pocket is what this is all about.

By the way, if you're not connected to the Internet, don't be intimidated by this. You can still use the Internet and access our Web Site because most public libraries have free Internet access. Most people also have a friend, family member, or co-worker who has access to the Internet.

You do not need to spend a lot of time on the Internet. In fact, you only need to access it once when you join us in order to print your Networking Guide and a few other items. Later you can access our other Internet Site once or twice a month to see up-to-date activity in your network (online genealogy reports).


We'll show how a matrix can develop for one person, and we'll assume this person is you. We'll further assume that each person in the matrix networks with only three people for purposes of this conservative example.

In most cases it will grow much larger and faster than this example shows, but we'll keep it really understated so you can see how much cash even a modest effort can produce. Once again, we're assuming you can follow some simple instructions we'll provide for you.

We'd further like to point out that we will never run out of potential candidates because there are tens-of-thousands more people reaching the age of 18 each month in this country than would be joining this commercial venture. That leaves plenty of people for everybody!

By the way, you must be at least 18 years of age to participate in this venture. You must also be residing in the 50 United States or its Territories.

You may have seen similar businesses like this, but you've never seen one as organized that utilizes the latest Internet technology.



You do not mail this letter in a sealed envelope because of the anthrax scare associated with unsolicited, sealed envelopes and their possible use for biological warfare.

Some people today are hesitant to open unsolicited sealed envelopes they receive in the mail. This is why we use an "open" (unsealed) booklet format. It is also possible for new people to read this very same letter on our web site after being directed there by a postcard informing them of this program, or from personal contact with someone (phone, Internet, etc.).

You will be provided with a low-cost source to purchase postcards and this letter (in booklet format) with your program code number already printed on them so you can give or mail them to people. The exact specifics showing you the best methods for easily creating your network will be covered in detail in the Networking Guide provided to every participant.


blue bullet point AFTER TWO MONTHS, you are earning a monthly income of $15 from the three people you personally sponsored. You now have three people in your first-level downline.

You could continue to sponsor more people, but we'll assume you don't for purposes of this example. During the next two months we'll assume the three people you sponsored accomplish their goal of sponsoring three people each. You now have an additional nine people sending you a $5 gift each month. These nine people are in your 2nd-level downline.

blue bullet point AFTER FOUR MONTHS, you are earning a monthly income of $60 from a total of twelve people in your network. You are receiving $15 from the three people you sponsored, and an additional $45 from the nine people in your 2nd-level downline (sponsored by people in your 1st-level downline).

During the following two months we'll assume that the only people in your network that sponsor anyone are the nine people in your 2nd-level downline. These people sponsoring three people each places 27 new people in your 3rd-level downline. You now have an additional 27 people sending you a $5 gift every month.

blue bullet point AFTER SIX MONTHS, you are earning a monthly income of $195 from a total of 39 people in your network …$15 from three in your 1st level, $45 from nine in your 2nd level, and $135 from 27 in your 3rd level downline.

Just as before, we'll assume the only people sponsoring during the following two months are the 27 people in your 3rd-level downline. Each of these people sponsoring three people each places 81 new people in your 4th-level downline each sending you a $5 gift every month ...for an additional monthly income of $405.

blue bullet point AFTER EIGHT MONTHS, you are earning a monthly income of $600 from a total of 120 people in your network each sending you a $5 gift every month. You can do the math by now after seeing the previous examples.

The next two months follows the same pattern. When the 81 people in your 4th-level downline each sponsor three people each, that places 243 new people in your 5th-level downline each sending you a $5 gift every month ...for an additional monthly income of $1,215.

blue bullet point AFTER ONLY TEN MONTHS, you are earning a monthly income of $1,815 from a total of 363 people in your network each sending you a $5 gift every month.

The final two months of this example finds the 243 people in your 5th-level downline each sponsoring three people which places 729 new people in your 6th-level downline each sending you a $5 gift every month ...for an additional monthly income of $3,645.

blue bullet point AFTER A MEASLY TWELVE MONTHS, you are now earning a monthly income of $5,460 from a total of 1,092 people in your network each sending you a $5 gift every month!

If everyone in your network sponsored only three people each as our example shows, you would be earning a YEARLY CASH income of $65,520!

This is NOT a one-time payment …THIS IS YEAR, AFTER YEAR, AFTER YEAR! …and everyone only sponsored three people!! Now think about what your yearly income would be if you sponsored MORE than three people!!

Of course some people won't do much, but you'll also have many people who will sponsor much more than three people.


The preceding example, in our opinion, is a minimum you can expect from this program if you'll follow the direction we'll provide for you in the Networking Guide. We're providing all the support and marketing structure for you. All you need to do is use this structure and the guidance we provide, and the rest will take care of itself!

Believe it, or don't believe it's up to you. We've gone through great expense and inconvenience to provide this for you, and we wouldn't have done it if we didn't truly believe it would accomplish its intended purpose for you. Again, all the necessary details are clearly explained in the Networking Guide you can print from our web site after you are a member. You will need a password in order to print this guide, and we'll provide you with the password after you become a member.


If this letter you are reading is in a booklet format, the membership code of the person who sent or gave this booklet to you is listed on the next page. If you are reading this letter on our web site, then you were given the membership code of your sponsor either on a postcard or verbally.

Please insure you have that code number so we can sponsor you under the person who spent the time and money to introduce you to this opportunity.

Once again, this opportunity is available only to residents of the USA and its Territories. You must have an address within the 50 United States or any of its Territories.

The cost to join our program is $50 U.S. dollars in CASH (this is the application fee). We only use cash because cash does not leave a "paper trail", and it's the only way we can pay YOU in cash without disclosing proprietary information. After you are a member, you will receive your first quarterly bill of $100 for the gifts you are sending to your six uplines. This includes a $5 gift to six uplines per month for a total of $30 per month (for three months in advance).

This equates to $90 per quarter plus a $10 quarterly administrative fee to cover ongoing expenses. You will receive your first bill during the first week of the month FOLLOWING the month you joined. The Networking Guide will explain exactly how all this works.



Don't despair if you don't have Internet access because most public libraries have free Internet access. Even if your local library doesn't have Internet access, everyone has a friend or knows someone who does. We're talking about your economic well-being, so you decide if it's worth the effort! Our Networking Guide will show you how to contact tens-of-thousands of people on the Internet at ZERO cost to you!

Once on our web site, you will arrive on the "Home" page. If you're not on our "home" page, just click the "Home" icon anywhere on the site. You then click the "Joining Instructions" icon and follow those steps.

After you finish filling out your online application and send it to us online (by clicking "Submit"), we will then forward you further joining instructions in the mail.

Once you return your application and fee to us per those instructions, we will then send you all the necessary instructions and material you'll need to get started. Please allow one week from the time you submit your application via our web site to receive your joining material from us.


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