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Official Documentation Forgeries and Fabrications Used in Nigerian Scam Letter Fraud ( Debt Reconciliation Committee )

Nigerian Presidency
Ten Man Panel on Foreign Debt Managements
Reconciliations, Verifications, Inspections,
Reviews, Recommendations, Payments
Phase 2, Old Secretariat Complex, Iyoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Approval / Transfer of Payment Warrant of $ by Certified Bank Draft
Senate Committee of Appropriations,
Senate Appropriations Committee
Bode Thomas
Federal Accountant General's Office

Corporate Affairs Commission
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Certificate of Incorporation
Companies and Allied Matters Act
Fees and Deed Stamps
Stamp Duty on Capital
Registrar General
Ministere de la Securite, Security Ministry
Direction des Operations Du Controle de la Drogue
Drug Control Operations
Certificat de Drogue Libre, Drug Free Certificate
Jean Baptiste Soglo, Coulibely Yaro

BICICI Banque Internationale Pour Le Commerce et L'Industrie de la Cote D'Iviore
International Bank for Commerce and Industry in Cote D'Ivoire
Beneficiary's Bank
Transfer Confirmation Slip
Provident Bank and Trust of Belize

Agreement between Barrister Nathan Ikomi
Diplomatic Express Courier and Security Services,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Agency and Consultancy Services
Alhaji Mohammed Abacha
Consultants and Business Managers

DRC Reconciliation & Auditing Service
Debt Reconciliation Committee
Section 24, Paragraph 6 of Edict 81 of 1979
Authorized Signature of Beneficiary
International Remittance Office
Currency Fluctuating Marginal Difference $100,000
Economic Recovery Levy
Federal Board of Inland Revenue

Captain Reuben Savimbi,
Republic of Angola,
UNITA Forces
Debt Reconciliation Committee
Tinubu Square, Lagos, Nigeria
Legal & Verification Department, Alhaji Mohammed Rasheed
Confirmation of Banking Particulars
Federal Ministry of Finance
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC
Remittance to your offshore destination, nominated banking particulars
234-1-7759027 234-9-2721209

Art of the Steal

I am the owner of an Internet cafe in Yeoville, Johannesburg.

A young black gentleman frequented my shop and made himself very useful without expecting any remuneration, I noticed that he was unusually intelligent.

One day he had to leave in a hurry and left his email box and some other documents open as well as a CD behind. That was when I discovered that he was designing 419 documents for Nigerian scam-fraudsters, on my computers, behind my back.

He even has a website where he advertises himself

If you read the way he composes the 419 letters his command of the English language is impeccable. And the way he designs his documents is unreal.

I have some of his letters and documents as well as a list of intended victims, mostly from the South Pacific region of the globe.

I have given the material to a local police officer but I don’t think he knows what to do with it.

George 03/30/03

Affidavit of Facts & Claims

Money Laundering Monitoring Council of Nigeria (view fake document) - MLMCN - Funds Approval Department - Certificate of Approval - Martins Osahan, Lisa Achi, Ron Ehis


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