Crimes of Persuasion:

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Nigerian Check Fraud Involving Real Estate Home Sale Property Offers by Overpayment Scams

Real Estate Offer is actually Nigerian Check Scam

SUGAR GROVE, IL 03/07  – An online real-estate scam has targeted two Sugar Grove residents on the popular home sales site forsalebyowner. com, police said.

The scam, referred to as the “Advance Fee Fraud,” occurs when a home buyer and seller interact online and come to an agreement on the sale of a home. The scammer will send a check to the homeowner for an agreed amount, including the deposit, plus extra for the buyer’s broker.

The buyer will instruct the homeowner to deposit the check and send the broker, via Western Union, a portion of the deposit. The checks received by the seller are forged, and by the time the check is returned, they will already have lost the broker’s fee.

Police also refer to this type of scam  as a “419 Scam.” Police have seen them for years with lottery scams, room rentals and when people have items for sale, ranging from dogs to horses.

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How Con Artists Will Steal Your Savings and Inheritance Through Telemarketing Fraud, Investment Schemes and Consumer Scams

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Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, scams, frauds.

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