Crimes of Persuasion:

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Collection of Various Aliases used by Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Scammers B Including Baba, Babalola, Bakare, Baker, Bako, Bangura, Bedie, Bello, Benson, Biyah, Bola, Bongo, Bostra, Briggs, Brown and Brume

This listing is just one more collection point of close to 2000 Nigerian Advance Fee Scammer names which have been compiled. They are inevitably aliases ( with some exceptions ) but this page will act as an entry point for web searchers to the main section starting at Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud.

Please note that many names listed belong to upstanding, reputable, notable, dignitaries and other professionals who have had their names used, without their knowledge or consent, to perpetrate this fraud. Listing of any name does not suggest that the actual person has, or would, do anything illegal or fraudulent.

It is regrettable that their names are being used so, but by allowing searchers to find the aliases, further harm to other innocent victims can be prevented.

Visitors who have found this site through a successful search are asked to send in any additional name, not listed, that they receive in the future, so that others might also be warned.

Audu Bamiayi Martin Bhutelezi  
Shena Bagwa Daniel P. Baceda Peter Bawa
Sam Bature Jeremiah Barley Victor Bawa
Dede Barnz    
Stephen Babatunde Timothy Babuin Dr. Gerald Babangidda


Paul Baba Dan Baba Dr. Abbas Baba
George Baba    


Yemi Babalola Dr. Amos Babalola Dr. Akeem Babalola
Godwin Babalola
Godwinbabs Babalola
Nelson Badiako Dr. Jeff Okoya Badmus Coker Badmus
Richard Badmas    
Issa Bagudu Amifa Bagida Alihu Bagida
John Baki Dr. David Bakole Farouk Bakoh
Dr. M. A. Baku    


Adesina Bakare Prince Biodun Bakare Barr. Segun Bakare
Evans Bakare Sanni Abu Bakar Eng. A. Bakare
Musa Bakare Abbey Bakare  


George Baker Theophilius Baker
Theophilus Baker
Eng. Theophilus Baker d/f
James Baker
Charles M. Baker Fred A. Baker  


Barr. Usman Bako Kingsley Bako Dr. Rasheed Bako
Dr. Danladi Bako    
Aliyu Balarabe Paul Balah Dr. A.A. Balah
Col. Usman Bala Sadiq Balah C Ballo
Peter Bali Charles Balasi d/f Michael Bale
Barrister Bako Bala Vincent Bally  


Solomon Balogun Dr. Jegede Balogun Tunde Balogun
Dr. Jim Balogun Dr. Shola A. Balogun  
Tony Bamba Dr. George Bambah Olivier Bamba
Vivian Bamuda Festus Bamuda  


Tanko Bamaiyi Dankaro Bamaiyi Dr. Garuba Bamayl
Ibrahim Bamaiyi Dr. Bala Ishaya Bamaiyi Gen. Ishaya Bamaiyi
Gen. Ishaya Bamayi Aisha Alade Bamaiyi  
Major Timothy Banya Ndaye Banye
Ndaye Banya
Haruna Banda
Adekunle Banjo Ado Bantama Adil Bantam d/f
Prince Steve Bando Winston Bangoura Prince Robert Bangure
Tejala M. Bantu Lt. Col. Osa Bantu Michael Bankole
Adil Bantam d/f Dr. Michael Banjo Dr. Don Banabas
Chief Thaimu Bangure Claus Bandel Martinez Bannex
Johny Banana James Banana Rev. Canaan Sodindo Banana
Rasheed Bankole    


Ahmed Bangura Anthony Bangura Lamin Bangura
Yusuf Bangura James Bangura Konan Aka Bangura
Micheal Bangura Thaimu Bangura Felix Bangura
A. A. Basil Eng. Oviedo Basko Akin Bashiru
Lawrence Basil Dr. John Basar Makhaya Basu
Abdul Bashir    


Dr. Albert Bassey Barr. Samuel Bassey George Bassey
Tunde Bassey Ronald Bassey Alex Bassey
Dr. Nombertel Baymakat Alhaji D. Bayero Alhaji Akimola Bayo
Prof. Ado Bayero Eng. Akin Bayo  
Sam Beko
Samuel Beko
Julius Berger PLC Ali Beko
Quande Betula Mike Brown Beke Godwin Bester
Eric Bella Mary Bell Vera Beckson
Claude Brian Best d/f Dr. Betrand Beko Fritz Bernard
Johnson Bella John Beck Douglas Best


Henry Bedie Amey Bedie Amey Konan Bedie
Peter Konan Bedie Anne Bedie Henri Konan Bedie
Henry Debie Bedie Josef Konan Bedie Philippe Konan Bedie


Agnes Bello Aisha Bello Alhaji Abubakar Bello
Amadi Bello Amani Bello Alli Bello
Dr. Abu Bello Ahmed Bello Dr. Ahmadu Bello
Audi Bello Ibrahim Belo Lukeman Bello
Engr. Garuba Bello Dada Bello Kayode Bello
Dr. Ismaila Bello Ibrahim Musa Bello Idayat Bello
Johnson P. Bellow Dr. J. K. Bello Jane Usman Bello
Okoh Bellow Kola Bello Barr. Hassan Bello
Benjamin Bello Barr. Cyril Bello Dr. Hamza Bello
Dr. David Bello Eng. Herbert Bello Johnson P. Bello
Kumar Bello Adamu Bello Ahmudo Bello
Maya Idris Bello
Dr. Idris Bello
Mallam Adamu Bello Dr. Mike Bello
Mohammed Bello Mustapha Bello Engr. Musa Bello
Ola Bello Paul Bellow Rose Bello
Barr. Saramu Bello Dr. Samson Bello Barr. Tunde Bello
Dr. Rasheed Bello Robert Bello Dr. Usman Bello
Barr. Usman Bello
Barr. Salami Bello Dr. Shehu Bello William Bello
Usmann Bellowan    
Peter Benezes Dan Benibor Rich Ben
Raymond Benku Marcel Benhard Brown Benjamine
Ilobah Bene Dr. Iloban Bene Ade Bendel
Daniel Benibor Oliseh Ben Ijeh Ben
Jean Claude Benoist d/f Ben Bendewor Steven Ben


Janet Benson James Benson Osaro Benson
Douglas Benson Dr. Paul Benson Ken Benson
Dr. Yomi Benson Richard Benson Mike Benson
Sani Bisala Sani Bisuku Thomas Biggs
Dr. Wataego Biko Gen. Oluyimi Bibiola Hillary Biodun
Arthur Gene Billings Dr. Ego Bia Dr. Shehu Bin
Kenneth Birabi Bruno Bickham d/f John Bishop
Paul Bill    


J.K. Biyah John Biyah Koffi Biyah
Col. Thierry Blamo Stella Blessing Kuassi Blaise
Frank O. Blay Markeese Bledsoe Thomas Black
Sandra Blanco    
Johnso Bobi Hamza Boma James Borton
A. C. Botha Eng. Egoh Boyo Peter Boyi
Saka Bode Dr. Saka Bode Dr. Kenneth Boi
Franklin Bodunrin Forrest Bomar Michael Boolalam
Prince Fayad Bolkiah Franklin Bodunrin Folly Boigny
Rev. Anthony Boah John Boating
John Boateng
Eng. Johnson Bolton d/f
Alex Boyo Tina Borah Dr. Onoriode Bobolo
Grace Boateng Ben Bouga Dr. Robert Bojosi
Peter Boulter d/f Pieter Botes Ambros Bossa
F. Boer Susan De Boer Dr. Adu Boru


Dr. Abim Bola Dr. James Bola Dr. Tinu Bola
Dr. Ahmed Bola    
Katherine Bongani Chris Bonnet Iyke Bond
Kevin Bonkas David Bonkas Angel Bongat
John Bongani Kenneth Bond  


Crux Bongo Ubon Bongo Dr. Sijuwade Bongo
Benjamin Bongo    


Alhaji Au Bostra S. W. Bostra Alhaji Bostra
Christopher Bruno Fred Brumeh Pastor Ojie Bruno
Wilson Briskey Sanko Briskey Claire Britcar
J. Brands    


Dr. Nimi D. Briggs Webster Briggs Morgan Briggs
Barr. Kala Briggs Taiye Briggs Gen. David Briggs
Noel Briggs Don Briggs Banigo Briggs


Ezell Brown Frank Brown Kofi Brown
Ama J. Brown James Brown / Jim Brown Temcoson Brown
Alphonse Brown Dr. Chucks Brown Igho Brown
Josephine E. Brown Chief Tanko Brown Richard Brown
Nelson Brown Jr. Nelson Mee Brown Eng. Michael Brown d/f
Helen C. Brown Jerry Brown Evans Brown
Austine Brown Larry Brown Steve Brown
Curtis Brown Joy Brown  


Barr. Abdulkarimi A. Brume Abdul Karimi A. Brume Esq. Fred Brume
Olori Brume    
Chrischin Bureau Jeff Budu Fred Bume
Johnson Budende Uwa Bumi Usman Buhari
Prince Bundor Elvis Buka Shehu Bulama Dr. Bayola Bule
Peter Bush d/f Dr. Felix Butanga Dr. James Buluku
Michel Bumbo Joseph Burtley Zariki Busoso
Chantal Buthulazi Dr. Robert Bujosi Willy Bubenik d/f
Fedrick Bush    
Barr. Usman Buhari Dr. Thomas Bukari Dr. Gandi Buriki
Sankoh Agomaka Bundor Prince Buka Bundor Abbas Bundu
Jenayah Bunuh Uwa Bunmi Col. Mike Bundu

Male: Baako, Babafemi, Babatu, Baderinwa, Badru, Badu, Bahati, Balogun, Bandele, Bangababo, Baye, Bayo, Bejide, Beluchi, Beluonwu, Birago, Bisa, Bobo, Bolewa, Bosede, Bunwi, Butu, Bwerani

Female: Banasa, Banny, Binta, Bolanile, Borishade, Bunmi, Buruku,

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