Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Use of Deposed Leaders and Royalty Such as Sani Abacha in Nigerian Letter Frauds

One of the techniques used in Nigerian Advance Fee scams is to claim to be the relative or aide of a Deposed Leader or Royalty, who though dead, left behind untold wealth requiring your assistance to get it out of the country.

Out Of Africa

Michelle sent in this "full of beans" example using Slobodan Milosevic on 09/17/01.


I got your company contact address through interest browsing in my search for a reliable and truth worthy person who will assist me in a business investment venture in your country.

My name is Mrs. Mira Milosevic the wife of Mr.Soybean Milosevic, the former president of Yugoslavia. My husband was recently charged for corrupt diverting fund for political purpose and facing trial on war crimes charges at the international criminal tribunal (city) he was detained in BELGRADE'S.

During my husband regime as President of Yugoslavia, I personally realized 20 millions united state dollar from various contracts I executed successfully. I have plan to invest this money for my kid, daughter Marija on any profitable investment in your country and 20% will be awarded to you and 80% for investment.

My husband is not aware of these plans because I wish to do it secretly for now base on his detention in Belgrade prison. Before my husband step down as president of Yugoslavia, I concretely and secretly deposited 20 millions of Dollar and was coded for security reason the cash is with a security company in South Africa and declared the consignment as contained family treasure owned by my business partner in your country.

The company shipped valuable goods through the diplomatic cargo immunity service to their Re-union trust and security company offices in Dubai and South Africa and Holland, of course I want to direct to shipment of the money to one of their located offices above.

Could you stand as my partner and claim the consignment in any of their located offices. If you will, I  will give you 20% out of the total sum and also you will assist me to invest the money In any profitable business in your country. Over, in any of their located offshore offices you will be assisted by a diploma to claim the consignment and deposit the money in a bank for further transfer into your company's account or personal for this project venture.

Once I received your positive response I will give you the telephone /fax. The Email address of the security company Is (reunionts\\ for your confirmation, contacts the security company and the diplomat. I am trusting you as a God fearing business executive that will not sit on my fund which is the only money with me in my life when I enter into your account.

This business demands absolutely secretly and confidentiality so all communication for now shall be through e-mail because my homes/ offices lines are connected to Yugoslavia telecommunication network. I assured you a legal and risk free business. I will send you the code number and the consignment number as soon as you show Interest for easy collection of this cargo.

I hope to receive your reply. Thanks 

Best regard

Had A RUF Time

From: bo sankoh <bosank\\>
Sent: 16 October 2001

Tel :+22505667002
Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire
West Africa

I know this message may come to you as a surprise but please treat it for the urgency expected by it.  I'm Mr BOYE SANKOH the junior brother to CAPTAIN FODAY SANKOH the leader of the Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone (RUF) who was arrested by the United Nations force in Sierra Leone on May 7th 2000 for his leading role in the rebel war in Sierra Leone. I am 24 years old.

At the arrest of my Senior brother, he instructed me to take possession of documents covering a deposit of USD12.8m. he made with a security company in Abidjan (as the closest person to him in the family) because his wife and children ran away when the way became serious. I went to his house where I found the document covering the deposit of the US $12.8 million (twelve million eighty hundred  thousand United States Dollars) in his room.

This is part of the money he made from the sale of Diamond and Gold which he was controlling the mining and sales during his leadership of the rebel group before his arrest.

With the help of a lawyer I was able to establish right to withdrawal over this deposit with the Security Company. The box was deposited as the property of a foreign investor running from Sierra-Leone because of the civil war with my brother as the custodian /depositor while the beneficiary will be introduced in due course.

The consignment/box had been in the security company since then pending my getting a good arrangement of what to do with the money as my brother asked me to take care of it as he did not know the possibility /when he may gain his freedom and he had been there without his freedom in sight.

Note that the Security Company was not told the real content of the box which was declared Family Valuable and they believe it to be precious stones. And I have been in Abidjan as a refugee since after my establishing the right over the deposit.

With the recent success of the search party organised by the United Nations and our country government in finding the money of my brother in some countries (both in his name and the name of our family members) I am in urgent need to change the covering documents of the deposit to a foreigners name and leave Abidjan with the foreigner and a friend gave me your recommendation.

I now need your assistance as the foreign investor in securing this money to your country and making viable investment.. as I have decided to invest this money in your country. I will give you 20% of the $12.8 million if you help me to secure this money and invest it viably in your country.

Please if you are willing to help me, which I so much pray you be; contact me through the above addresses for us to start the arrangements towards the movement of the money to your country. To call me on phone add your international access code and dial the number as it is written (eg0022505667002).

Thanks for anticipated co-operation. Awaiting your urgent reply.

Best Regards




Sent in by Richard Steeg 03/30/02

This letter may come to you as a surprise... but kindly consider the message, because I am determined to live for posterity.

I wish to plead with you to join me in not only serving humanity, but to also benefit in the process. This message could be strange but reality will definitely dawn on you, if you pay some attention to it's contents. I wouldn't have notified you but for the sake of your integrity and goodwill. ... no intentions of causing you any personal pains or discomfort.

I am Mnobu Doe the elder brother to the late Liberian President Samuel Doe, who was murdered by the then rebel leader Charles Taylor, now Liberian President.

... in his bid to fend off rebel insurgency, put in my care, the sum of $12,300,000... for the purchase of arms and ammunitions... still being kept in trunk boxes in  a secret location...

... presently residing in Mhlambanyatsi in Swaziland... have borne the burden for too long. I do not want to keep the funds any longer, but I can never turn it over to the brutal and tyrannical rogue regime of Charles Taylor...

... not soliciting for your help to wage a war against the regime, but to act as a foreign partner, to allow me transfer the funds to you, and in turn donate a portion of it as humanitarian gesture to the Liberian people by purchasing such essential needs like blankets, milk and so on from the money after deducting your expenses and commission of 20%...

... I could have approached the Red Cross Society, but... they would deduct too much as commission, and also, after rationalizing the scandal that followed their mismanagement of the donations meant for the victims of the September 11th attack on the United States.

Also note that this offer will give you a double-edged advantage : 1. as the benefactor of the Liberian people and; 2. the commission you stand to earn.

... the modalities for processing the necessary documentations that will facilitate your securement of the funds from the Security company...

Be assured that I am a reputable personality in this country and I am mindful of the legal implications of this transaction, as I intend taking care of all the legal documentations for a successful and hitch-free transaction...

Sent in by Torbjoern Laukvik 09/25/02

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