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Pleas For Charitable Donations and Begging Letters From Nigerian 419 Fraud Scammers


I am Sergent Idris Lawal (rtd). I heartily beg for your help. We were retired voluntarily by the commander in chief of armed forces of the country, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida during his tenure as president and commander in chief of the armed forces. Since then we have been living in the military barracks waiting for our benefits.

Some weeks ago fire gulped the armory section in the barracks and everywhere caught fire. The entire barracks exploded and many people lost their lives. The death toll was about 2000, while some were rendered homeless. Right now we have lost all we had, property, shelter, clothing, everything.

My wife and my two kids managed to survive,. Right now they are in the hospital. One of them needs surgery on her face. We have been advised by the hospital to pay the sum of N5,000,000.00(NAIRA) which is about US$50,000.00 to commence this operation. My inability to raise the said amount, keeps me in a state of frustration. We have access to computer. That is the only thing our government did for us.

I beg you in the name of GOD to kindly assist us with any amount of money to enable us to carry out this operation. Your assistance will highly be appreciated.

Please help us. God will bless you abundantly.

We await you response.
Sgt. Idris Lawal (rtd).

Sent in by Brian Meyerhardt 03/06/02

N.G.O. Registration No. D.S.W./1379
Certificate of Incorporation No.G-7206

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are the CHILDREN POSTRITY AID, a non profit, non sectional, non political N.G.O based in the Aplaku Village, located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.


A. What is of paramount importance is our obligation to pay  the cost of educating the children when the parents are unable to, and fight against HIV/AIDS in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

B. We advocate the rights o children in the line with international conventions

C. We protect the rights of children through a long term plan of building their capacity.

D. We provide self reliance at adulthood through career development and technical skill training.

E.  We protect the lives of the children against  S.T.D and HIV-AIDS pandemic.

E.  We raise consciousness about the effects on environmental degradation on economic development.

C.P.A. would really appreciate your views and thoughts of the above mentioned objectives as C.P.A. believe very strongly in bringing joy into the faces of under-privileged, deprived, refugees, able and disabled children in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

C.P.A. is writing to your organisation primarily to affiliate with your honourable organization to work together to help these children to be what God wants them to be.

Please, these 483 children, made up of Ghanaian and Liberian refugee's children, lack educational logistics such as  children's literature books, computer books, used computers, educational toys, children's clothing and any thing that will be of a great help to these children that none of us doesn't know what they will be come in posterity.

I thank you so much in anticipating for your prompt reply.

Yours in the Lord’s Vineya


Sent in by James Walker 05/05/02

Save a Soul

Dear, Calvary greetings to you in the name of our lord almighty.

I, evangelist Gabriel Imoinjazar under the close supervision of the lord almighty hereby write to you on behalf of the entire members of Saint Gabriel Foundation. we pray this message doesn't come to you as a surprise due to the fact that you have not been pre-informed.

We are writing this letter for your support and utmost co-operation. We are a non-governmental body whom has taken it upon ourselves in sharing the pains of the less privileged in our society and taking every humanly possible step in making their dreams come true by the special grace of God almighty which is sufficient for us all.

The most vital issue on our hands at the moment is the pathetic and heartbreaking case of a 12 years old girl, ITOHAN GODSFAVOUR, the child of a single mother who died while giving birth to her.

Hence the foundation has taken it upon itself in footing the bills of ITOHAN GODSFAVOUR, since birth for it is the will of God almighty. For we know the lord works in mysterious ways. As at this moment she is suffering from a growth on her head, which medical practitioners have diagnosed to be a tumor.

From long term medical experiences of practitioners who gave the report, it has been estimated without any iota of doubt that she has not more than 46 days, forty-six days to live if the operation of saving her precious life is not carried out within the stipulated time of which four days of this time has been spent. That is why we have gone through the internet to solicit from patriotic and God fearing Christians like you.

At this juncture we here by seek for your urgent support and utmost co-operation in saving her precious life, for the children are our hope for a better tomorrow.

We look forward in receiving your positive prompt response.

Yours sincerely,


Sent in by Robert Brink 10/26/02

School or Soliciting, You Decide

Dear Sir/Ma,

How are you doing, I saw your email address in a site, so I decided that I should write you, well I know that I am a very young girl compare to your age, but I choosed to write you, because I know that you can be able to give me good advise that you can also give to your child.

My name is Vivian Omogbemi Williams and I am a 17 years old girl, I am right now a computer science student of one the computer school here in my country, Nigeria, I recently lost parents to a ghastly motor accident, My dad is a Nigerian and while my mum Ghanian.

I was born in Nigeria, but after the death of my parents, I started staying with my dad sister, that was when my problems started, my Aunty is not all that too educated, I can say she does not know the value of education, she has been trying to persuade me into prostitution, 3 of her daughters are prostituting in Europe, but I told her that I want to continue my studies, she frowned at all my plead to get money from her to resume school.

I have not been able to pay for my school fees, and that has been my major problem since all this while, the cost of my school fees is N45,000 which is equilvanlent to $325, I have been begging her but to no avail, but she is still bent on persuading me to go into prostitution, I have been seeking for assistance here in Nigeria, but most people that I can reach are very poor, good education is what I need now and I just have to be begging to have it.

My late parents always told me that if I dedicate my time and become well educated that I will be great, but I can now see it as something that I might never achieve, please give me your advise, I want to realise the dream that my parents had for me, the only resort now for me is to beg and please don`t look down on me for that reason, it is circumstance that lead me to this.

please let me just ask this favor from you, I pray you be willing to help me, but it is never my intention to ask you for assistance to pay my school fees, but it is the time limit that I have to pay for my tuition that is bothering me, if I am able to raise the money for my school fees then I will go and resume school and also I want to leave my Aunty, I want to be staying the school dormitory and avoid my Aunty, please just take me as your daughter, if I had known any of my mums relative, they would have been the ones to help me out.

Considering the fact that I am not in any position to ask you for assistance, I will be most grateful if you can consider me as your daughter and help me in paying my tuition fees, if I am able to pay for my fees the school promised to give me free accomodation in the hostel, please just do this for me, let that wish you want to give to me be your own way of eradicating prostitution, I will be expecting your mail to know how you can help me, my other email address is I will be expecting you.

My regards to your family.

Sincerely Yours
Vivian Omogbemi Williams

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