Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Fitness Club Membership Scams

Personal Drainer

I am engaged and decided to get in shape for the big day. I was approached by a Personal Trainer in my gym (Gold's) and I signed up for two months, but eventually he talked me into 5 months ($1000 all together). However this man then skipped town with a lot of people's money!

I paid with a credit card and will get my money back, but some paid for the whole year with personal checks! Another part of his scam was to sign women up, work them too hard, be mean to them and then they would stop coming to their sessions and he would keep their money!

My advice is don't sign up for more than two months at a time, pay by credit card, sign a contract that says "Sessions will be formatted to my goals and plan and I will like them or receive my money back" and get a copy of their business license and Personal Training Certificate (for proof and references).

Kathy Bullard
Arizona 07/23/02

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