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Telemarketing Fraud - Outbound Calls

Comments from Call Centre operators

Jerry, 23, ex-caterer

They told us we were to sell a credit card plan. I don't know anything about credit cards but I do know when something is wrong. I wish I had never set foot in the door.

Our bosses never told us when we were in training that the card offered is a catalog credit card, so the buyer can only spend the credit line in once place, the shopping catalog that comes with the credit card. So you tell the people on the phone that they will have a credit line just in time for Christmas and all they get is a card with a catalog.

The people we called in the States sounded really broke because not only had they already cut up their credit cards, they had torn up their check books as well.

Clients sounded like they were one step up from living in a tent on the street, and bosses who stood behind you telling you you were helping these poor blacks by giving them Christmas spending money.

I don't know where they got their leads from, they were the saddest voices I heard in all my life. They must have been passed on from other offices and are the last stop in the food chain of the Montreal telemarketing industry. They also had a second project, selling travel tours to Florida offered by a famous American hotel corporation.

They did surveillance on us all the time, telling us that was so we would all obey the laws. I left when I found out it was not a real credit card being offered.

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