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Slenderlife International penny stock scam story

A friend is being pressured (heavily) by the above company who are peddling shares in a company called Slenderlife International.

I have advised caution but he is now being contacted by someone purporting to be the MD who has told him to disregard any adverse comment on the web.

As a considerable amount is involved I am rather concerned, although I accept that it may be above board. Can you throw any light on either company?


Robin Sainty

Don't let him do it! They are a bunch of scammers who continually
change their names and either promote their own bogus companies or else issue bogus shares in possibly legit companies.

See the following first. Then send me all the info you can get on the
current promotion, addresses, names, etc. so I can warn others.

If it is too late have him join my victim's Forum.

Zone Contact:
Larry Pettit,
1515 N. Federal Highway Suite 214
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(PHONE) 561.394.2345

Larry Pettit
1515 N. Federal Highway Suite 214
Boca Raton, FL 33432


Administrative Contact:
Larry Pettit,
1515 N. Federal Highway Suite 214
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(PHONE) 561.394.2345

Technical Contact:
Larry Pettit,
1515 N. Federal Highway Suite 214
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(PHONE) 561.394.2345

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Amy Fisher and Ed Arioli connected - him see

See International Biometrics at

The account for wire transfers was based in Hungary as below.

K & H Bank
Kereskedelmi es Hitelbank RT
Oktober 6 UTCA 7

Slenderlife International


Premium Placements Management and Alan Michaels - phone number started with +41

FKS took over Cambridge and Amherst. FKS offices (ex Amherst and Cambridge) are located in Bucharest, Romania and in Budapest, Hungary. I used to come to work at FKS every damn morning and read that damn pitch (it is called fronting and closing the clients).

November 7, 2003

Three boiler rooms belonging to Cambridge in Budapest, Hungary were raided and shut down by t he authorities this past week.

Perpetrations and management ///Worthington, Phillips and Curso ALL IN Bucharest operating more boilers for Cambridge. Life goes on.

Ft 7.6 billion securities fraud

11-09-03 A Hungarian and two US citizens have been arrested and charged with over Ft 7.6 billion in securities fraud, involving promises to make alleged foreign share purchases, National Police spokesman Laszlo Garamvolgyi has announced.

The three reportedly promised English-speaking clients living in Hungary and other investors abroad that they would invest their money into the New York Stock Exchange. The misled clients transferred money to accounts in the name of the three suspects, which were listed on the paperwork as belonging to existing companies. So far, Ft 150 million has been frozen in several accounts.

Magyar Nemzet reports that the names of the US citizens are M. Garber and P. Scheffer, and the Hungarian’s name is M. Aron.

A Romanian citizen reputed to be their partner has confessed the details of the scam, in exchange for not being arrested. The group of criminals set up the companies Livingstone Asset Management Kft., and later Cambridge Global Kft., in the Bank Centre building in Budapest’s prestigious Fifth District.

They pretended that they had offices in Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Geneva, Berlin and Vienna. Potential "investors"were gathered from Ireland, the UK and Belgium as well as other countries.

Several US citizens who are listed as shareholders of the above companies are still at large at the moment.

The Budapest Sun

11.11.2003 06:53:00 GMT
Another broker scandal: HUF 7.6 billion damage due the sale of non-existing shares

Budapest. (Interfax-Europe) - Cambridge Global, an investment company, is being suspected of committing fraud and causing financial damages of HUF 7.6 billion to foreigners, Csaba Molnar, head of the National Police Headquarters' (ORFK) department against money laundering, announced on Monday.

The company employed some 150-200 people, mostly foreigners, legally in its Budapest office, whose work was to call possible investors on the phone based on a list, which was provided by management.

Cambridge Global is suspected of selling non-existing shares of two companies. One of the firms whose shares were sold took its name from a firm registered in Florida, but the Florida-based company said it never planned to sell shares in this manner.

The fake brokerage has "virtual" offices worldwide, all the phone lines of which were diverted to the Budapest office.

Investors transferred between USD 1000-200,000 each to Cambridge Global. To keep up appearances, the "brokers" paid their money back to a few "aggressive" investors, according to the police. There are four suspects in the case at the moment, and a Hungarian and two American citizens have been arrested, the police said.

Cambridge Global was supposedly not the only name under which the system worked. Police suspect the same companies' shares were offered by Amherst International and FKS GLOBAL as well.

The Belgian financial watchdog issued a warning in April 2003, while the Dutch watchdog warned investors this fall in connection with the case. Hungary's financial watchdog PSZAF informed Interfax that the body had been aware of Cambridge Global's activity for 18 months, but the watchdog only published a warning on its homepage on October 14.

They are calling from Budapest, from Arboc and Vaci street. Not from Switzerland, not from Prague and not from Berlin.

I was in vienna last week and I have got some facts for u.
1) Slenderlife is not yet ready
2)Amherstinternational (15 Schottenring) doesn't exist that's the address of the "Bourse" (Stock market) in Vienna
3) Cambridgeglobal is not in the yellow pages and if u phone up the Directory enquiry they will tell u the number of "Cambridgeglobal" belongs to an engineering firm.

Richard Watson Associates

I've ascertained in this forum that a group called Richard Watson Associates is now contacting Sun Biometric investors with a view to purchasing stock in return for an initial bond.

Has anyone received been involved in a scam involving the purchase of Skynet Telematics (SKYI) shares from a boiler room in the Philippines called Sterling Capital? They got me to purchase quite a few shares which were doing well for about a year and then tanked. Currently, SKYI is worthless.

I received a cold call from Richard Watson Associates (Dave Tudor) offering to purchase my worthless shares for $5/share if I posted an indemnity bond for 15% of the planned repurchase price. Thank God I did a search on the Net and found this information before I attempted to deal with them. They seem to fit the modus operandi used by scammers - calls around 1 a.m. NY time, want upfront payments.

Also got a call from a company in Vancouver "Pearson Clarke" offering to buy these worthless shares for use by their high net worth clients for tax minimization purposes. They offered to exchange these shares for MSFT. Didn't make any sense since the tax benefit to be gained was much less than the value of shares I would be receiving.