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I know the feeling Gangerrolf. Yesterday I was contacted by Dunhill Capital pushing International Biometrics, Premium Placements pushing Beijing Developments, and Jacob Stern pushing Cardio Biomedical.

It's always the same sales pitch - red hot company intends listing on NASDAQ @ $1.50 which will immediately rise to $4.50 - $5.00, then in 12 months will probably hit $10+.

Premier said that Beijing Developments will definitely be listing in October. I told them in that case to ring back in November and show me that the share price has reached $4.50 and I will believe that this isn't a scam. 09/05/03

Apparently Paul Hilton used to work for Mark Hutcherson & Paul Richard Bell who own Premium Placements (currently touting International Biometrics and Beijing Development Corporation.

These boiler room operators have allegedly run various companies over the past few years, these include Kline Management, Mackenzie King, Berkshire Scott, Morgan Young, Livingston Asset Management.



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