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These guys must have changed name, look at and log into the English version. The password is pgcr. Strange that, as Clarkson Gordon in Cyprus is cgcy, does that mean this mob was in Costa Rica??

The plot thickens when you look at the firm that organised both web sites; they also have an office in Costa Rica. And funny enough, they are not listed in New York, let alone South America and they are supposed to be a web development company (check their web site, its still under construction in the main-good advert for your business there boys!!). Call me cynical if you like but something smells.

In Cyprus to offer financial advice you must be regulated. No if, buts, maybes or we don’t counts. Fact, you must be regulated. You will not be surprised to know that neither of these firms is. (Interestingly, the only EEC country where the giving of financial advice is not considered a regulated function is Spain.)

EMC Developments is a strange business. Looking at the web site, there is no contact details, no address, email or phone numbers. The site was created in Jan 2003 by a guy called Jim Perretty, who is the CFO of two other companies, International Child Care Corp and

Busy man our Jim. These might be real but as they are all based in Boca Raton in Florida, which is the founding home of the boiler rooms, you should approach with extreme caution. All are pink sheets stocks, which don’t have to file any returns with the SEC. He is also listed as a director of around 10 other companies, but none are quoted.

His FMC Group might be an agent in the business of registering companies. He is in the phone book, the number is 561-241-3621, why not give him a call and ask him what it’s all about.

Prentace Gates were originally Wentworth Drake, from Costa Rica. They have also been pushing Multicast Interactive until recently.

Multicast are based in the same building as EMC Developments in Boca Raton and the vice president is J. Perretty. EMC developments were until recently a software company and are supposedly being taken over by a private company from Hong Kong called Bassettrent. This company is not listed in any business directory in Hong Kong as confirmed by the British Embassy there.

Neither Multicast (MULI) or EMC (EMDV) have any trading volume.

Had the hard sell from a Richard Steele today of Clarkson Gordon Ltd in Cyprus. , Password:- cgcy

Trying to sell EMC Development Corporation based in Florida. . Apparently they source accommodation for Medical professionals.

Apparently there is a takeover bid being mounted by Basset Trent in Hong Kong

Currently at $6.75 on the Nasdaq, he is trying to sell me some at $6. Reckons they will be $12 by December.

Very hard sell, allocated me shares before I said anything.

Did you buy any ENC or have you found out any more? I have had the same offer form Prentace Gates, a sister company.


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