Where to file valid complaints against Adkids with the Government

Send a refund demand letter to the president of AdKids: [email protected].

If she ignores or denies, email this site for more info, or file a complaint with the right government agency:

Illinois New York
Attorney General's Office

"Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s
Consumer Protection Division
protects Illinois consumers and
businesses victimized by fraud,
deception, and unfair business
practices. The work of the Division
is carried out by the following bureaus:
Consumer Fraud Bureau . . ."


Download Consumer Complaint Form:


"The Bureau of Consumer Frauds
and Protection prosecutes businesses
and individuals engaged in fraudulent,
misleading, deceptive or illegal trade
practices. In addition to litigating, the
Bureau mediates thousands of complaints
each year from individual consumers. A
large percentage of these complaints are
resolved satisfactorily through the mediation


Download Consumer Complaint Form:


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