How to do a Background Check

The purpose of this website is to help consumers answer three questions in order to make informed decisions about a modeling company: 1) Is it legal? 2) Is it ethical? 3) Is it successful?

1) Is it legal?

Many states have laws to regulate modeling agencies, and many don't. State laws have to be reviewed carefully, most often looking at the specific labor laws for the firm in the state(s) where it is based and/or does business (see State Labor Laws in the Modeling and Talent Industry).

2) Is it ethical?

There are companies which are legal but they are unethical, and scam artists can continue to operate, especially when the laws are porous, or if there are no specific laws for modeling agencies. It is not always enough to know the firm is not breaking the law, because that does not guarantee you will avoid getting scammed (see Modeling Industry Code of Ethics).

3) Is it successful?

A modeling company may be legal and ethical, yet virtually useless, because it is not successful. In other words, they have a license, they are honest, and they mean well, but they are not skillful at getting their models modeling jobs. Hardly anyone gets modeling work, or hardly anyone earns more than they invested in comp cards etc. (see FTC Legitimacy Test).

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