Model Scam Check is a website, not a company. It makes no representations that it is a company, but the volume of information has apparently caused some people to make false assumptions. It is a free public service. There are no fees to access the information and no solicitations by email. No fees for any purpose have ever been solicited or ever been accepted. The information often is freely provided by the public and freely made available back to the public. It is a site by the people for the people. It operates under the assumption that everyone has a right to necessary information to make informed decisions before signing contracts or making payments in a scam-filled industry.

Public Interest

Easy Background Check provides important information in the public interest. The information is restricted to business, not personal stuff. The information is provided in response to previous expressions of public interest, i.e., inquiries by or complaints from the general public, or information in published news reports, and other public sources, such as the Better Business Bureau, or any information brought to the attention of Model Scam Check.


The site's previous success and continued success depends on the accuracy of the information. It is the intention to provide accurate information as much as possible and the sources of the info if privacy can be maintained. Names of sources are not provided unless their names are in published news reports, i.e., they already waived their right to privacy, or the sources are already noted in public documents.


Occasionally, but very rarely, information provided is not 100% accurate, or it becomes dated. Any person or company is welcome to provide what they believe is the correct information and substantiation of their corrections. But you have to be specific. Nobody is going to guess what page you are concerned about or what you're talking about. Be as specific as possible. Vagueness is ignored.

The following information is required for corrections to be considered and made:

1) The URL(s) or web page address(es)

2) A quote of the outdated/incorrect information

3) The correction(s)

URL: __________________
Quote: "___________________"
Correction: "_______________"

This is not asking a lot. If you are unable to provide these three things, it is unlikely that your complaint or concern will be taken seriously.


There is nothing illegal about mentioning the name of a person or company. Even if a web page of a person or business is corrected or removed, that does not necessarily mean all references to the person/company will be removed. It depends on the situation. Allowing the reference to stay enables more information to be brought to the attention of Model Scam Check by other sources which will either substantiate or refute the existing information, i.e., develop greater accuracy.


Many individuals and businesses are not used to public criticism and may be shocked to find it online and not know how to respond. The First Amendment is one of the greatest things about America. Even people who are criticised agree with this. The First Amendment allows public discussion and criticism. There are two issues that can be addressed in response to public criticism: facts and opinions. Facts can be corrected. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can address both issues, facts and opinions. The most effective rebuttals address both.


Model Scam Check is a staunch defender of the American right to freedom of expression. If your attempt to make corrections is a good faith effort to set the record straight, fine; if it is merely an unAmerican attempt to cover up a scam, it is likely to backfire. Those who make the most unjustified complaints are most likely to be investigated.

"First Amendment jurisprudence is clear that the way to oppose offensive speech is by more speech, not censorship." — 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

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