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Subject: USA World Showcase MTSC  
I would like to know about the USA World Showcase in Las Vegas, NV. I pulled
up BBB and it is also listed as MTSC (Model Talent Search Canada). They do
extensive internet advertising and my child called the phone number to do a
"vocal audition" and was sent an entry form that requests $375.00 entry fee
and of course you have to provide your own travel and hotel. They claim this
is a televised competition July 1, 2006 at the MGM Grand and will televise
on Aug. 28, 2006 on Pax TV network. They state there are limited entries
acceptable in each age division. Is this any different than lots of other
competitions that are just money traps with no true talent scout
connections?  I am suppose to send the form back in 7 days, indicated on the
entry form. Thank you for any help.
Subject: Casting Networks Incorporated, New York aka www.nycasting.com; AquaMatrix
Thanks for the report on Impact210; I knew it had to be a [. . .] and was glad to see proof!   Here are 2 other "open calls" I've answered recently that seemed suspicious:

  1. Casting Networks, NY     928 Broadway, Suite 802     New York, NY 10010
    212.375.1000     (212) 375-1919      http://www.nycasting.com

  This was an open call that took over an hour(!).  Basically it's to upload yourself on the above website; you fill out a form which they input along with a digital pic they take, and then you complete it at home.  It's free for the first 60 days, but then you need to pay fees according to this schedule:   http://www.nycasting.com/ny_home.asp   It claimed to be affiliated with/holding a call for Grant Wilfley Casting: http://www.grantwilfleycasting.com/   Something in all this doesn't seem right, although at least if you choose not to pay your account will just be deleted or inactivated as opposed to automatically charging you.

  2. AquaMatrix http://www.aquamatrix.net/ (866) 243-8403

  I responded to a craigslist ad looking for the host for a new VH1 show dealing with classic rock.  I was called back by a rep who went over all the details with me right down to talking me through putting together a one-minute submission video or DVD.  I was then directed to this website and given a login and password to complete their info form and got to this page (may not work for you)...   https://aquamatrix.net/manage_billing.asp.   At which point I discovered this was a deal where you had to pay anywhere from $14.95-$29.95/month to become a "member".  I declined.   If it'll help you any, the login/password they gave me was:   Username [. . .] Password [. . .].  Both of these seem fishy...would love it if you could look into them and confirm my suspicions!


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