Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Folio Foto ( aka Focus by Franchesca (Francesca Detolomei)

April 30, 2005

[Last Updated: September 29, 2005 ]

UPDATE: Francesca Detolomei, an older Italian woman, has been sighted at Fashion Rock in Orlando and at IMTA and at Baby expos, as well as in Beverly Hills


Dear [Folio Foto]:

My wife and I saw you guys at the Anaheim Baby Expo last week and thought we would try this industry for our daughter, but we were nervous about getting into this.

Well, we ran into your company and thought it looked okay. My wife contacted a friend who used to be in the industry for 25 years and asked about your company. She said she knew pretty much everyone. Well, she said she never heard of you guys, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. She asked for the owner of the company.

Funny thing is, all your card said was "Francesca."

Our friend immediately replied: "Make sure it is not the woman who used to own the Glamour Models 'Agency' in Beverly Hills, because it was a complete scam company."

We told her it probably wasn't, but did find it odd that there was no last name on the card. Our friend wanted to check it out before we went to see you guys.

Well, it turns out that you guys are the SAME [...] COMPANY as the Glamour Models agency, but now your name is Focus. And you used to be called Visionaire Models.

My friend contacted the Better Business Bureau and spoke with a woman on the telephone. She had nothing nice to say about you guys. She told her that the Consumer Affairs people had made a tape of you guys at the Baby Expo to show that you're [...] people again under a different name. She also told my friend that you guys were convicted for fraud a couple of years ago, and that the owners went to jail for several months.

I wanted to write to you and let you know how sad it is that people like you do this to new parents trying to get into the industry. How do you sleep at night? Now we know why you didn't put your last name on the business cards and flyers you were giving out. You people are pathetic. I hope the authorities get you again.

We understand from the lady at the BBB that they are making another case on you. We have written to them and told them that we would like to come to the court and tell them what you did to us. You need to be stopped and put back in jail. We are also filing a complaint with the Baby Expo about you guys. We will do whatever we can to close you down. You people are sick...

Angry Parent

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