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To Whom It May Concern:

I received a phone call regarding a commercial audition that would be the following day. Surprised and curious, I asked if it was Canadian Showcase again and I was assured it was not. When I arrived the next day to the "audition," I was given a form to fill out and at the top read: "Canadian Model and Talent Search" at 7:30 p.m.

Eight hopefuls and parents of those under the age of 18 were called into a room where a "Celebrity famous hairstylist" and his assistant that was discovered during another search explained they were looking for talent for an upcoming convention with executives from Paramount Pictures, MGM Studios, Disney, and major modeling agencies from all over the world.

When called in for my interview I was first asked why I was there. I explained to the girl (who looked no older than 19 or 20) I received a
phone call for a commercial audition.

At this she very rudely informed me that the booking agents at the office will say anything to get people to turn up for the calls. (I thought this was a serious EXCLUSIVE search? And they have to lie to get people to show up?)

And, secondly, NOBODY attends without paying the $695.00 fee. I thanked her for her time and left the room. When I went into the waiting room, I noticed everyone was trying to figure out what we were being called there for. Most had auditioned for Canadian Showcase before, some "won" a contest nobody remembered entering, and all were told there was no money involved.

That was it. I had to go back in there and find out what else these people will say to get my money.

At first they acted interested in me and pretended to take me seriously, but it was obvious the questions I was asking made the girl uncomfortable, and she became confrontational.

I did my best to act naive and sweet but a little unsure. "What will she do," I wondered, "to give me that extra kick to give her the money?"

I said I was excited to audition for her and she told me that she was "In fact" casting for a commercial.

I acted surprised and acted like I felt really privileged to be talking to her, a real industry professional.

She told me it was being filmed in Calgary, and seemed to be happy I was lapping it up, but when I told her I knew Calgary, and asked who the casting director was, she changed again and informed me that she was casting for the commercial, and that "I'll be up front right now you're not what I'm looking for."

(When a con artist feels pressured or exposed, they will try to deflect your concentration, so you lose focus on the issue at hand.

In response I asked why I was called down and asked to pay if I wasn't what they were looking for, and she said, "I don't know you're still sitting here though." As I was leaving (and finished taking notes), I overheard the "world-famous hairdresser" asking her if I'd left yet and told another potential sucker that I was upset because "I didn't make the cut."

Well, if intelligent isn't what they're scouting for I guess that's me, but I sure don't feel bad about not giving them $695.00.

Redacted Info

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