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To Whom It May Concern:

I recently went to a model search I heard over the radio for FACE National Models and Talent.

I am wondering if there have been any complaints about this agency and if they are legitimate.

I have not been scammed yet, but did get a call back and they have not yet asked for any up-front money.

Please let me know ASAP if you have any info on this agency.

Thank you,

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Looking at their website, facemodels.com, it is difficult to tell if they are legit.

Tread carefully and try to talk with models represented by FACE.

On another website there was one model who said she was represented by Face Models, who you may want to contact, since the email address was provided on her web page, to get a first-hand account about Face Models.

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To Whom It May Concern:

Recently I was scammed out of nearly $1,000 by the Face Models agency.

I just happened to be surfing the internet, and came across this site. I was nearly in tears when I saw Face Model on the scam list.

I knew what they did, but I just didn't want to believe that someone could take advantage of someone like that.

I heard about it over the radio one day, and they had a meeting at a hotel. Then they picked about 50 for the meeting the next day.

They were all so nice, and the man that was with the agency even asked me out to eat while he was down in Louisiana, because he said he wanted to get to know me, because he thought I was the model they wanted out of Louisiana.

I was so excited about all of it, and he got my hopes so high, I didn't even think of all the money I was throwing away. All of my savings, because as they said, "Oh, what you pay today will be nothing compared to what you will be making later. You have to make sacrifices."

I got my composite card made and that has been it. I have not heard anything since. And that was around December.

The agency was in Louisiana in August when I first went to the meetings.

Please, if you can help me in any way getting the agency back, or even my money, email me back.

I am only 18, and I feel I was taken advantage of. Now I trust noone, and it was sad that it took a good thousand dollars to learn that.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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Thanks for writing.

There are different modeling agencies with very similar names, and if one is going to be noted as fraudulent, we need to be very clear on the exact name and also, preferrably, their website address.

Please identify the website address and the exact name of the modeling company you feel has defrauded you, and we can discuss this in more detail, and include your story on modeling scams.com.


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It is called: Face National Models and Talent

The website is: www.facemodels.com

Email: info@facemodels.com

I have tried to get on the website, but it won't come up, and I have emailed them many times, just asking different questions, and I have never got an email back.

Please find out as much as you can and write back.


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Let me see if I understand this correctly. Are you saying you paid them $1,000 for photography (comp card), and now they refuse to talk to you?

Did you sign a contract? Or was it just photos?

You said you emailed them many times. Have you called their office? I really feel this is something that should be worked out in person or by phone — there's just too much money on the line —and it should not be left to mail or email.

Some companies are not very fast or efficient with email, but if you call, at least you know you can get someone on the other end.

If they hang up without answering your questions, you know there is a serious problem. That type of behavior cannot be justified.

Please try calling or visiting and report back.


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To Whom It May Concern:

I am pretty sure I have been scammed by FACE National Models and Talent.

Last April (2001), they held open calls at a local hotel (San Jose, CA), and I was chosen to sign a contract with them (one of about 50).

I paid for a photoshoot (about $600) for my composite cards, then another $400 for the composite cards themselves.

However, my composite cards were finally complete by July of 2001, and I have not heard from them since.

Not only have I found other articles saying that FACE is most likely a scam, but they even changed their office address, phone number, and fax number without notifying me. That just seems very suspicious.

I was wondering if you knew of a way to be reimbursed, or if you could help me figure out what the best thing to do is.

Thank you so much for your help.

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You are right to be suspicious about the company changing its address without notifying you after you paid $1,000.

Can you clarify one point? You said you were chosen to sign a contract with them. Did you actually sign a contract? Or did you just get photos?

If you did sign a contract, can you share more details about it?

Please send the web address of articles you read about Face National Models and Talent. These could be included with your complaint on Modeling Scams.com.

As far as what you can do to get your money back, have you contacted Face National Models and Talent? What did they say?

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Thank you very much for your quick response. I greatly appreciate it.

About the contract I signed, it was titled a "Personal Management Agreement."

The contract stated that I authorize the Agent (FACE National Models and Talent) to exercise to the best of their ability, within reason, to obtain modeling, promotional work, television, print, voice, and motion picture assignments, and similar fields, so that there will be a demand or use for Talent (me).

I would be paid 80% of the Face amount of my signed vouchers.

It was effective when I dated and signed it (April 29, 2001), and it will continue for a period of one year.

After the one-year term, the contract will self-renew, unless cancelled by either party within 30 days.

I didn't actually have my photo shoot for my composite cards until June 2001, more than two months after I signed the contract.

And then my comp cards didn't actually arrive until the beginning of October 2001 (my preview for the pictures that would go on the cards was July 20, 2001), almost another four months following the shoot.

Should it have taken that long? I ordered 150 of the cards, 25 of which were mailed to me (for sending them wherever I wanted to) in October.

I have not contacted FACE, yet, with complaints. I am still talking with my parents about what the appropriate thing to do is (I am only 16 years old).

So, I am not even sure whether it is appropriate to ask for reimbursement or not. I am worried that if I do confront them about scamming me out my money, they will just say that there are no guarantees in the modeling industry, and that they are doing the best they can do to get me jobs.

However, I have the feeling that they are not doing anything. And, how can they be "getting me jobs" out here in California when they are based in North Carolina?

I'm very suspicious.

Thank you very much for your help. Any advice, at this point, would be wonderful.

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Your contract is going to expire in two months. As you suggested, it does not sound as if the modeling agency can be trusted.

They took a long time to get the photos done; they are in another state; they did not inform you when their address changed; they do not communicate with you; and, most importantly, they never got you any work. Right?

Maybe you should fire them.

ModelingScams.com has also just learned New York State issued a warning about Face National Models and Talent, suggesting they do a modeling photo scam, and the Better Business Bureau gives them their lowest rating.

Your best bet, therefore, might be to get all your modeling pictures back as soon as possible before the contract expires, and move on.

You said they sent you 25, but you ordered 150. It would be interesting to see how many they have left. If they have all of them, that seems to indicate they never sent them to anyone, and they never did anything for you.

In any case, I suggest you contact them and say you want your pictures, and give them your address, and ask Face National Models and Talent to FedEx them directly to you.

You may not want to confront them on what they have done or not done as the case may be, but just get the pictures. You can use them to promote yourself to another modeling agencies in your state. There are many in California, right?

If you confront them or complain, they might not bother to send you the pictures, and just claim they were already sent to other people.

There was an internet forum post by a man familiar with the modeling industry who said so-called modeling agencies which need to go on the road to recruit talent, as Face did in your case, and have apparently done in other states, may not have a lot of skill, may not know what they are doing, and may in fact be scams.

Why? If they were successful in their own state, there would be more than enough people beating a path to their door, they would not need to go on the road.

Something to think about.

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To Whom It May Concern:

I was reading your letters regarding Face National. Last year when I signed with them, I went through the same B.S. as everyone listed.

I searched for negative info on them probably around this time last year. I was unable to come up with any negative info.

I had my pictures done, but became weary at the shoot. The photographer was not that Terry guy.

When it came time to order my comp cards, I went and picked up my slides, and did not order any comp cards.

So I now have $600 worth of slides —and no modeling career. I am glad that people and agencies are wising up to their scam.

Keep up the good work.

Redacted Info

P.S. The slides are not professional quality.

To Whom It May Concern:

Yesterday, March 5, 2002, I went to the Marriot Hotel at the Courtyard in Philadelphia, PA, to get my pictures done with a so-called "professional photographer."

I have already paid the $600. I cannot believe I did not find this website until today.

On April 13, 2002, I am supposed to go to the Holiday Inn in Philadelphia, again to see my pictures, and pay the "recommended" $388 for 150 composite cards.

Their website http://www.facemodels.com has changed numerous times since I first visited it in January.

I heard about Face Models on the radio, then I went to a hotel where they were to check it out.

Two men were there and a woman —they were the only three people taking care of the whole thing. The one guy's name was Carrie, and the woman was his wife. He talked about modeling for Versace, and that his two twin sons model also.

Out of two days being there about 1,500 people showed up; out of them they picked about 60 people, and I was one of them.

Next place we had to go was the Holiday Inn in Philadelphia on February 16, 2002. This was a "model workshop," they called it. At this place Carrie was there, and he was the only one. He collected the second payment of $213, I believe, and was taking cash. He did not give receipts to the people who paid in cash unless they asked; I paid by check.

The room was filled with about 70 people, and some man in the crowd brought up the unsatisfactory report with the BBB.

Carrie justified it by saying that they have many clients and having only 45 complaints since 1999 is not that bad, and many of them were customer service complaints.

Someone stood up and asked why he was not giving receipts, and he said he did to those who asked. The entire thing seemed very, very unprofessional. Carrie did not even have extra pens when someone had to write something down. He literally sat up front behind a table with a wad of cash. He was scheduling people for their photo shoots.

I was supposed to get my pictures done on Saturday, March 2, 2002, but I was sick. My father called the company's phone number (704) 333-3137, and no one ever answered.

He drove to the Marriot to tell them I could not make it, and a woman there named Ilona (I think she was Russian), said I could go on Tuesday. I thought it was weird that their phone is never answered.

So yesterday I went to get my pictures done. There were about 10 models there. We waited in the lobby until we could go up into the room to get changed.

The room they rented was not a suite, just a regular room. Where is this $600 going? We were squeezed in this tiny room. There were two makeup artists, one was Ilona (I don't know the name of the other girl).

The pictures were shot very, very quickly. How could these pictures turn out any good if they are done so fast? They were rushing to get us done quickly, because there were more models showing up at 12:30 pm.

Should professional photos not be done slowly, so every model can get the best? We shot on location at the hotel —we did not get to drive anywhere else. I do not think these pictures were done at the best quality.

On April 13, 2002, I get to go and see these pictures. Face Models should be shut down. I am appalled they have gotten even this far. I just wanted this letter to be seen by other models, and hopefully they will be saved from wasting so much money. IT IS A SCAM!

Thank you,

Redacted Info

To Whom It May Concern:

I was happy to find this website.

I went to an open call in Portland, ME, and was offered a "contract" with Face.

I paid $600 for the photo shoot, and another $400 for comp cards, and in return I received poor-quality photos, and not even a call for an audition in 10 months.

In getting in touch with Face, I informed the booking agent that I wanted my money back.

Basically, I was transferred from person to person, and nothing in my favor was accomplished.

The next step is a class action suit.

With regards to the Starz agency, it was started by people who were formerly employed with Face National Models and Talent.

One Starz representative (whom I know on a personal level from when she worked for Face) told me "Face National is a scam, and you should sue them."

She proceeded to tell me that she (as well as the other people that now make up Starz) are also suing Face National, because when they signed their employee contract, they were unaware it was a scam.

However, they seem to have left one scam only to start their own.

I was promised a free photo shoot and comp cards from the Starz agency, basically to make up for the screw-ups of Face; however, they have yet to deliver, or even return my calls.



To Whom It May Concern:

I went to an open call in Portland, ME, and was offered a "contract" with Face.

I paid $600 for the photo shoot, and another $400 for comp cards, and in return I received poor-quality photos, and not even a call for an audition in 10 months.

In getting in touch with Face, I informed the booking agent that I wanted my money back.

Basically, I was transferred from person to person, and nothing in my favor was accomplished.


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To Whom It May Concern:

I came across your site and I was drastically in tears when I saw Face Models in your list of scams.

How can this be? I think they are professional.

My parents spent $500 for a photoshoot for my composite card.

I checked on the Better Business Bureau and there are no complaints. But I came here and there were some complaints.

I went to the workshop and the guy Carrie made it clear what the complaints were about.

There were many photos and catologs that facemodels represented. So they seem like a legitimate modeling agency.

How can I tell if it's a scam? Is there a possible law suit? What should I look for?

Their website address iswww.facemodels.com.

Should I pay for the composite card? I don't know what to do.

Please help.

Redacted Info

There are Face Models complaints in the Better Business Bureau file. If you search using the full business name, Face National Models and Talent, or even just Face National Models, instead of just Face Models or facemodels, it brings up a file for only one company and its business address:

Face National Models & Talent
1230 W. Morehead St. Suite 110
Charlotte, NC 28208

The same physical address is posted on the website address you provided (facemodels.com).

Then it said: "Number of complaints processed by the BBB since the firm's BBB file was opened in April of 1999: 49"; and "Number of complaints processed by the BBB in last 12 months: 30."

Those appear to be unusually high numbers for a "modeling agency" in only two years.

But it gets more specific, giving the type of complaints: Refund or Exchange Issues, Contract Issues, Customer Service Issues, Credit or Billing Issues.

Many but not all of the complaints are listed as "resolved."

In fact, the conclusion of the BBB was this:

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to a pattern of complaints. The pattern of complaints concerns customer service and contractual issues. Additionally, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to not resolving complaints within the Bureau's time frame.

Obviously Face Models would be dismissive of the BBB's record and conclusion. They have a vested financial interest in doing so, don't they?

You said in your experience they seemed professional. Do the photos look professional? One complaint was they did not. The photoshoot was rushed and the image quality poor.

You mentioned they have many photos on their website. The issue is not the volume of photos, or even the volume of contracts between Face National Models and Talent and aspiring models, but the number of modeling jobs the people they represent have received.

Look at it this way: anyone can set up a business or a website that has many photos of many people and say they are representing them. So?

The bottom line is did they get work? Did it pay for the photos? What percentage received work? What percentage made more money than they paid for photos? And how much more?

The Consumer Protection Board of the state of New York issued a warning about Face National Models and Talent.

Face has an "unsatisfactory rating" from the Better Business Bureau based on 59 consumer complaints filed in the last three years. The CPB received one complaint and several inquiries about Face after a recent audition in Albany. Face is not among the 2,400 talent search and modeling agencies listed in the Model and Talent Directory published by Peter Glenn Publications. Modeling agencies say the Glenn directory is the authoritative source on reputable search and modeling agencies.

Add that New York state warning to the BBB complaints and conclusions, plus the complaints sent to modelingscams.com, then your own experience, and decide if you think Face National Models and Talent (facemodels) is a modeling scam.

If you find a section of the facemodels.com website that says which fashion magazines, advertising companies, and reputable businesses have selected models represented by Face National Models and Talent, please forward the link. It is currently not obvious, and not in the place you would expect to see it: About Face.

Where are the *tear sheets*? I don't see them. Do you? Tear sheets can be seen as some of the strongest evidence of success for both a model and a modeling agency.

The first page of their faq said: "We can now verify that you are a working model with professional references." You may want to ask for their references, so you can verify if they have worked with, and are respected by, major companies.

Since your parents paid, you should discuss the next decision with them. It sounds as if you are half way through the regular Face Models photography. You can either stop now after paying $500, or proceed to pay for the composite cards?

If you decide to stop now, you will probably want to keep all the photos taken and look into representation at a modeling agency with a good reputation at the Better Business Bureau.

If the company called Face National Models and Talent (facemodels) is indeed a modeling scam, it would probably be classified as a modeling photography scam.

There are different modeling photography scams, but one common thread is payment for photos whose quality is too low, or whose quantity is unnecessarily high, or the total price is too high.

There are photographers and photography companies that pose as modeling agencies. Signing with them looks like you are signing with an agency when you are really just signing up for photos.

Don't put your career or your money in the hands of those you do not trust and cannot trust.

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