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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Morgan Martin, and I work at FACE National Models and Talent, LLC.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about our company, please give me a call at 704-333-3137 Ext. 210 or email me at mmartin@facemodels.com.

I am more than happy to talk to anyone about any of these "so-called" facts about our agency.

I urge anyone who is visiting this site to do more research about the modeling companies which are featured.


Morgan Martin
Talent Event Coordinator
p 704.333.3137 Ext.210
f 704.333.3964

To Whom It May Concern:

This is L. from Bighamton. I saw what J. wrote to you guys. The same thing happened to me, too, and to the other 50 people.

I paid them almost a $1,000, and I never heard from them again...

Please help me.

Redacted Info

Please contact the agency at the address on their website and report back the result of your dialogue.

Redacted Info

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Melanie Werner and I work for Face National Models & Talent, LLC.

I would just like for all of those models out there to know that if any of you have any questions or concerns, you may contact myself, Melanie Werner, 704-333-3137 ext. 205, or via email at mwerner@facemodels.com.

I would just like to clear up any of the concerns and problems that any model has out there. I would love to help anyone of you.

Thank you.

Melanie Werner
Talent Event Coordinator
Face National Models & Talent

To Whom It May Concern:

Your website was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. I attended a talent search for Face Models in Charlotte, NC, last year. I was chosen to come back the next day and sign a contract, which I did.

A few weeks later, there was a workshop held to familiarize the models with the agency's policies, procedure, requirements, etc. We were all informed that this was not going to turn us into the next Naomi Campbells and Tyson Bekforts —that this initially was going to be mostly promotional work, with the possibility for print and runway modeling.

During the workshop I was approached by the owner (Jennifer Gill). She liked my look, and was sure that I could do well if modeling was something I really wanted to do. I told her that with my work schedule I probably wouldn't be able to apply too much of my time to modeling.

Jennifer immediately offered me a position at her agency as a receptionist so that I could work full time, and still be able to go to model calls and accept bookings. I have since been promoted to Preview Director.

I have been with face for a year, and I love it here. I've done some traveling and worked well in front of and behind the scenes. I've done promotions at concerts like Snoop dog and Jane's Addiction. I've worked with Leather Bikini.

You can find me on Face Model's website, and I have a fashion show coming up this month.

I was shocked to see Face Models listed on your website as what you call "a scam." Have you ever seen any pictures of our models that you claim are poor quality?

Have you logged on to our website recently? Do you have any first hand accounts of Face Models and Talent that would prompt you to list the agency on your website?

In the future, anyone with questions about Face can call (704) 333-3137 ext.209 or email malleyne@facemodels.com to find out what REALLY goes on at Face.

By the way, if anyone calls on Saturday or Sunday they will get our automated answering service because the agency is open Mon-Fri from 9 am to 6 pm.

Monique Alleyne
Preview Director
Face National Models & Talent


I'll let the people who called Face National Models and Talent a scam answer for themselves. Contrary to your claim, this website does not list Face National Models and Talent as a scam.

It is first listed on a page entitled "Modeling Scams - Letters." "Modeling Scams" is the name of the website; "Letters" is the subject of the page. All pages on the site begin with "Modeling Scams" simply because that is the name of the site.

All of the agencies on the Letters page are part of correspondence, which means either inquires and/or complaints were made. The page does not say "THESE ARE ALL SCAMS," and it never will. There is at least one agency on the page that received no complaints.

The purpose is to provide a place in cyberspace for aspiring models to register a complaint in full, which is something the Better Business Bureau does not offer, at least for public review. Further, it does not look as if most or all BBB complaints are indexed in search engines for those wanting to do research online.

Beneath a warning from the State of New York, I did not say Face National Models is a scam, I said it "could be" a scam. Which is what the women cited in the report on the same page said ("Two of the women are now saying the agency is a fraud.").

Regarding the quality of the photos, I have logged onto your website again today, as I did weeks ago, it still looks the same. Problems with the photos include: focus, color, contrast, lighting, saturation, etc.

But that is arguably a different issue, unless your only promotion of models is online. The complaint was made by a model about the quality of prints ("I received poor-quality photos"), not online images which had been scanned. (Scanning can compromise image quality.)

Another complaint was made by a model about the quality of the slides ("The slides are not professional quality.")

After one of the earliest complaints about Face Models, I asked the person who sent the complaint to contact your office, ("Have you called their office? I really feel this is something that should be worked out in person or by phone."). This is the same advice as your staff have suggested at least a few times in the last couple of days, to sort out issues, concerns, and problems.

Then more complaints were sent and a pattern began to emerge, including one letter sent just yesterday, saying the same thing as previous complaints.

The Better Business Bureau, the last time I checked, also said there was a pattern of complaints.

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to a pattern of complaints. The pattern of complaints concerns customer service and contractual issues. Additionally, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to not resolving complaints within the Bureau's time frame.

Do you have an explanation for the pattern of complaints at the Better Business Bureau? Can you explain why Face National Models and Talent has "an unsatisfactory record" with the BBB? Can you please tell us why the State of New York issued a warning about your company?

Thank you,

Redacted Info

To Whom It May Concern:

Face National Models recently held an audition in San Jose, CA, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The presenter was this [BLEEP] guy with long hair who talked fast and offered very little useful content.

It was immediately obvious that this was a [BLEEP].

They had a banner and several large poster-size prints of professional models, most of which I assume they don't even know, much less represent.

It was really sad as there were so many young girls there with stars in their eyes.

I read some of your commentary on this so-called "agency," and thought you might like to see what their "contract" looks like.

Without question, this is a modeling photography scam.

Redacted Info

Attached: face_national_contract (357KB)

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jennifer Gill. I am the owner of Face National Models & Talent, LLC.

I appreciate what your web site is trying to accomplish; I do, however, know people are very quick to make false accusations regarding this skeptical industry.

I would like to give some more information regarding FACE. FACE is a full-service modeling agency providing corporate America with the strongest talent available.

We have accumulated a diverse group of attractive people to serve the varying needs of our clients. FACE has developed partnerships with a number of national corporations that have given our models the opportunity to get the exposure they need, while providing them with income.

When we conduct talent searches, it is for a reason. Clients contact our booking department with a need for models in a specific city —in most cases several different cities.

The client will request the number of models needed in the city along with all of the appropriate information we will need to make the booking successful.

If we do not have enough models in a specific city, we will do a talent search. During a talent search, the potential models are interviewed. Hopefully, we will get experienced models that know about the business.

If we offer a potential model a contract, he or she may have a composite card to submit to the agency. Consequently, they may be submitted for work immediately.

(A composite card is needed in this business —they are requested by all clients that hire models —it is the most important tool in the modeling industry.)

If the model is inexperienced and does not have a composite card, we can offer a professional photographer for a very reasonable and competitive price.

All of the photographers FACE uses are professional photographers who are experienced in the modeling industry, not only working for FACE, but with some of the biggest agencies in the country.

The FACE Models staff works very hard for our models and clients. Our booking department sometimes works over 200 models in one week.

Every day our client list grows, and so does our booking team. Every booking agent in the office takes pride in their work and loves making our models money!

FACE moved to a large downtown office in Charlotte to accommodate our growing booking team. Anyone is welcome to visit our new office and see what really happens at FACE.

It's unfortunate that people who don't know the industry well enough can call any agency a scam if they don't become supermodels.

We sign the majority of our models to non-exclusive contracts so the models can get the most out of their modeling career. When a model signs a non-exclusive contract, the model can work with several different agencies if they choose.

We give models an opportunity to work mostly on a part-time basis —it's supposed to be fun! Remember, modeling is just like the entertainment business —very few people become famous. It's so important to be realistic.

Not only does the staff work extra hard for all of our models, but, for the last two months after work the staff here has been planning a charity fashion show for Camp Happy Days. Now, children with cancer can attend the camp from all of the hard work the staff has put in.

The great people that make up the staff of FACE care about this company, and work so hard to make this agency something we all can be proud of.

Again, it's important to have realistic expectations in this business. You get what you put in to any career. FACE can get a model started and put some money into their pocket, but it's also up to the model to do their part.

Models think they sign a contract, and two months later they should be signing autographs.

Most of the agencies listed most likely are not "scams"; the models blame the agency for not putting them on the front cover of Vogue next to Naomi.

Some models should think twice if this industry is suitable for them. Making false accusations does not help this industry —that's why people automatically feel they need to slander any agency without knowing the facts.

Our website is facemodels.com —we continually update our site.

If anyone should want more information regarding FACE, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

You can e-mail us at info@facemodels.com.

Best Regards,

Jennifer Gill
Owner of Face National Models & Talent, LLC.

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