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To Whom It May Concern:

What do Elite Model Management, Inc., Ford Models, Inc., and other agencies have in common? They are corporations.

And then we have FACE. FACE National Models and Talent, LLC, to be exact.

So what is an LLC? Limited Liability Company (LLC). The LLC is not a corporation. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs prefer LLC’s, because they combine the limited liability protection of a corporation with the "pass through" taxation of a sole proprietorship or partnership.



LLC avoids double taxation
LLC cannot accumulate earnings
LLC not at risk for "unreasonable compensation"

LLC has no restriction on number of shareholders
LLC has more flexibility in allocating profit & loss

LLC partners not personally liable for LLC debts

New businesses with more than one owner and engaging in a risky business.

If the company is so big as Jennifer Gill says in her letter:

Every day our client list grows, and so does our booking team. Every booking agent in the office takes pride in their work and loves making our models money! FACE moved to a large downtown office in Charlotte to accommodate our growing booking team. Anyone is welcome to visit our new office and see what really happens at FACE.

Then, I ask, why are they a limited liability corporation? She brags about the company having so many clients and models.

Also do you know if they only have a physical office in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Oh, yes, and by the way, I did email FACE models using the email address they give on their website and, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, I haven't received a response —and this was about two months ago, in February.

And why isn't Jennifer Gill's name on the website, since she is the owner? Their corporate profile says little about the company. What about the important things, like when it started? Who is the owner? What is their history? Under "partnerships" they say they are "now in 87 cities." Really?

After reading some of the other letters, the models should realize that they can buy the picture slides, but that does not mean they need FACE to make the composite cards. There are many other companies where you can spend $400 and get more than 150. FACE is no doubt overcharging.

Well, thanks for reading this, and tell me what you think.

Redacted Info

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jennifer Malcom and I am one of the National Booking agents at Face National Models and Talent, LLC.

I was just recently made aware of this website and I'm appalled at the content which is included. As a young, educated professional (like all Face Models employees), I have made a career out of placing new models in fun and professional jobs across the US.

Not only does our booking department work daily to place these models in exciting new jobs, but we also have a marketing department, which is also working daily to continue to bring in more jobs in the future.

I feel that it is unfortunate that much of the content of this website does nothing but slander our agency.

I would like to take the opportunity not only to address some of the letters that have been written about Face, but also to diffuse many of the misconceptions of how public records, television news stations, and websites like this one, actually operate.

In regards to a $600 photo shoot, in which our models are "forced" to purchase, this is absolutely UNTRUE.

If our dear friend H.L. (Letter 12 on this website) had been so thorough as to read our contract in its entirety, then they may have read a line that states that the model has chosen to use a photographer through Face Models in lieu of hiring their own.

Did you get that, everyone? You have more than every right, and were told so at the presentation, to hire you own photographer.

Many of the models that are represented by our agency do use their own photographer, and a lot of them actually already have composite cards which they have had made through other agencies.

What puzzles me, H.L., is your statement that "It was immediately obvious that this was a scam."

If this is how you felt H.L., then why did you sign your name to a legal contract with this agency (in which you have so graciously displayed on this website)?

H.L. also stated that our banners and posters were covered in models which Face probably did not even represent. Once again, you are sadly mistaken. Every model on those banners and posters is a Face model.

Monique, an employee here at Face and the author of letter 11 on this website, is one of the beautiful models displayed on our banners.

We are proud of the models that we represent, the banners and posters that we use to display our talent, and also the agents that we have traveling on the road for our agency.

It is unfortunate that people are judging the character of any of our employees based on their appearance and/or presence based on one short meeting. I would not want to base my opinion of all of you on our brief encounters here at modelingscams.com.

As for Face Models having a negative report with the BBB, State of New York, and other government groups, what many of you do not realize is that these agency reports are based on complaints.

What is not stated by these organizations is that many of these complaints are under investigation, and most often have no validity. Once a complaint is filled on an agency, it is made public record, but the grounds of the complaint are not made public.

In this industry we are dealing with people's emotions. Emotions are very real, but not always CORRECT. Face Models has done its best to resolve any complaints that have been filed, but unfortunately when it comes to emotions, reality is sometimes irrelevant.

To be honest, I do not like this website. As a journalism major in school, and a past intern at several national news and media organizations, I am a firm believer of informing the public.

I was always taught in school to get the scoop on both parties involved. Fortunately, in the world of journalism, there is a law referred to as "libel," which protects people and organizations from written slander.

Clearly the internet is not regulated, and we do not have such protection.

If you are one of our models and are frightened by this website, or maybe just have a few unanswered questions, please call me.

I can be reached Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm at (704) 333-3137 ext.207.

Thank you,

Jennifer Malcom

Face National Models & Talent
National Booking Agent
p. 704-333-3137
f. 704-333-3964


Welcome to the internet.

You criticised the model who signed a contract with Face National Models and Talent, but you did not stand by the photographer.

The President of a modeling business that was criticised on this website offered to look at photos which a model did not like and see what he could do. Is that not the policy of Face?

I understand your point about complaints. I also understand there are emotions. But that argument doesn't hold up in the context of the complaints.

There was a PATTERN at the Better Business Bureau. There is a PATTERN at Modeling Scams.com. Do you understand the difference?

The implication of a PATTERN is the complaints did not stem from an isolated case, and it reflects a policy and/or attitude of the company.

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to a pattern of complaints. The pattern of complaints concerns customer service and contractual issues. Additionally, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to not resolving complaints within the Bureau's time frame.

One of the most disturbing complaints, which was the conclusion of the Better Business Bureau, and the models who posted at Modeling Scams, is your business did not respond to complaints, or changed contact information without notice, thereby preventing complaints from being filed at Face Models.

The Better Business Bureau understands the modeling industry. If you read their warnings you know that. They know false claims can be made. If they say you don't deal with complaints in a timely manner, why do they say that?

You don't have control over people making false claims, but you do have control or the option to deal with complaints in a timely manner.

There are other modeling agencies which receive complaints. They respond to them and do so in a timely manner.

Although the number of complaints Face National Models and Talent has received by the Better Business Bureau could be alarming, of greater concern is their conclusion, "an unsatisfactory record," and their statement about Face Models "not resolving complaints within the Bureau's time frame."

If you don't respond to complaints, if you fail to keep in contact with models who have signed contracts with your company, the models are going to find somewhere to make a complaint. That is why they will post their stories at this website.

If your company does not address complaints in a timely manner, how can you complain if they come here and make complaints?

And what is the story with Bellisimo? In addition to the BBB, another source for accountability in the modeling industry in North Carolina is the Professional Modeling Guild of North Carolina.

What did the Guild President say of Bellisimo, which records indicate was the previous name (located at same address) of the Face Models company?

“What these people do is travel across the country, stay in fancy hotel rooms, advertise, and get a bunch of people excited, and take their money up front.”

If you can find similar conclusions and files against modeling agencies from the Better Business Bureau; similar warnings from the Professional Modeling Guild; similar warnings from the New York State Consumer Protection Agency; similar warnings from a Fox News channel; simlar warnings from the Memphis Flyer; and similar complaints online, all against the same modeling agency, please send them.

Are you suggesting ultimately all of the above are wrong, misinformed, misguided, judgmental, essentially clueless?

Speaking of journalism, where are the articles published praising Face National Models and Talent? Let's hear the other side. Send them. So far the entire defense of the company has come from within, not without.

Slander and libel are common complaints from companies and people who are criticised. They often look like excuses if there are no material facts to counter complaints.

I think the models who complained need to see specifics and details which are on topic, and action, not just talk or words. Are they going to accept sweeping statements and broad generalizations?

The bottom line is the models who have complained want their money back or better quality photos. Can you give them their money back or schedule the photos to be taken again?

You can cite your contract and say the model agreed to use the photographer, but, I am sorry, customer service and brand integrity doesn't work like that. Whatever happened to "The customer is always right?"

If your photographer doesn't do the job right, is that the fault of the model for choosing the photographer? Are they supposed to pay the money and keep quiet?

As far as I have read, models were not given a lot of information about your photographers, either by Face National, or the photographers themselves, to make a good decision.

Of course you are welcome to share this information, the names and website addresses of your photographers, so aspiring models can review their portfolios, check their tear sheets, examine their professional background, and decide if they want to choose Face photographers in the future.

Redacted Info

To Whom It May Concern:

I went to a FACE Models meeting earlier this evening.

First there was an initial screening. I was asked back for a presentation later that evening.

At this presentation they explained themselves, and what they expect, and what to expect.

They told everyone there that they were only hiring 23 more people.

This is the only part that seems suspicious to me —it seems you would hire whoever met the criteria you were looking for. Were they going to hire 60 people total even if only non-model people showed up?

So everyone there was given a phone number to call back the next day, and get their verdict.

They did say that anyone contracted would need composite cards, and therefore a photo shoot with a high-fashion photographer. This was obviously something that would cost some money.

They said they will be flying in their own photographers in May for six days, and that if needed 40 people would be able to use them. Only 40 because that was all the time they had.

Otherwise you would need to use the local photographer (apparently there is only one in my city), or go to Seattle.

Also they said we would need professional hair and make-up artists for the photo shoot. I understood that this should be provided in the rate of the shoot, and also we would need to own the copyright to the photos.

Everything seemed up front and legit to me.

I came home to check out the website. It didn't come up, so I did a search, and your site was the first one I looked at. I am glad I did.

I don't necessarily think it is a scam, but I am glad to know to be a little more cautious.

Anyhow, after a little more work, I found a link to the website that works. So they do have one. It is the only thing that made me really skeptical.

Go to: http://www.facemodels.com/

Redacted Info

What is it about their website that made you really skeptical? Please elaborate.

Redacted Info

The only thing that made me skeptical was that it didn't come up with the web address provided.

Once I did a little 'footwork' and found it, I felt better about it.

I met with them today and signed a non-exclusive contract with them. In the contract it plainly states there is no guarantee of work.

They claim, though, that 73% of their models are working, and those not working turn down jobs.

The whole experience seemed very no-nonsense.

The only angle I can see on this would be to contract a bunch of people and then try and make money on a photo shoot. But that does seem unlikely to me at this point.

I will certainly keep you updated as per my experience and would appreciate any feedback you might have.

Redacted Info

You wrote: "The only thing that made me skeptical was that it didn't come up with the web address provided."

What website address did they provide?

Speaking of their website, did you see any references on the website to companies with which models got work, e.g., model's name, stats, resume, company? Or are they all just pictures?

The difference between a modeling photo and a modeling portfolio is the portfolio has tear sheets, etc., work done for companies. A photo which is not a tear sheet could simply be a model who never got any work.

Companies do look for fresh faces, but they also like models with experience. Tear sheets are the proof of experience. If Face National Models and Talent has models with experience, and they are promoting them online, why don't they use tear sheets?

Furthermore, since tear sheets bring credibility to a company in the eyes of aspiring models, because they are perhaps the strongest evidence they get models print work, why aren't there any tear sheets?

(I didn't see any; if you see them, please send the links.)

You made a good observation earlier about the quota Face National Models and Talent set: "They told everyone there that they were only hiring 23 more people."

It seems to support earlier complaints and the contention they are a modeling photography mill.

You would be well advised to continue your research in three specific areas:

1. Check their rating and complaints at the Better Business Bureau.
2. Get proof of their success rate claim.
3. Get the name(s) of the photographer(s) they use and their website address(es), and then determine if they have been published in magazines (tear sheets), and produce professional quality work.

If you want to be even more conscientious, find out what percentage of their models do print work, and what percentage do promotional work. There can be a huge difference in earnings. Also get a clear idea of the amount of work their models get. You want to know the quality and quantity.

The bottom line is it will be helpful so you can determine your chances of making more money through modeling than you spend on photos.

The complaints in the past have been Face National Models and Talent do not respond to complaints. Apparently they do not have offices outside of their state and office in Charlotte, North Carolina, listed in the file of the Better Business Bureau.

If that is the case and you are in Washington (you mentioned Seattle), all the way over on the other side of the country, thousands of miles away, how do you feel about being represented by a company so far away? If they change their contact numbers, etc., what will you do?

The other complaints were about the quality of the photography. Find out if they have a guarantee on the quality of the photography. If they don't but their photographer takes rushed or poor pictures, you will still have to pay.

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