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To Whom It May Concern:

Over the summer I went to an open call at Ikon Model Management in New York City.

I met with a junior booker and was referred to a photographer in the area. I spent a little over $300 for two rolls of pictures, and returned to the agency, where I was told I would get a comp card made.

I got the run around for about two weeks before I heard from the booker again, and was never issued the comp card.

Is this a standard procedure? I thought you weren't supposed to spend money in the beginning...

I'm very confused and feel cheated.



The Ikon website (ikonmodels.com) said: "Ikon was founded in 1996 by former model Cynthia Aktipis. Cynthia's goal was to establish a sincere, honest agency with strong values and high standards."

Getting the run around for two weeks from the booker is definitely not standard procedure. Did you ask to speak to anyone at the agency in a leadership position?

It is totally unacceptable to pay for what is an incomplete job. You're only half way there. What are you going to do with two rolls of film if you don't get comp cards?

Contact the owner and report the incident. You don't need to waste any more of your time with junior bookers if they waste your time.

They were either being lazy, crooked, or incompetent. There are agencies which have arrangements with photographers where they split fees.

You won't know what happened until you ask to speak with the owner. Who is the owner? Since the company is relatively new, and it was founded by Cynthia Aktipis, perhaps she is still the owner.

Hold the owner accountable to the standard the company's website says is its standard: "a sincere, honest agency with strong values and high standards."

The BBB has no complaints in the last 36 months, but it said: "The Bureau has requested basic information from this company. The Bureau has not received a response."

If you are unable to contact the owner, or if they give you an unsatisfactory response, contact the BBB, and file a complaint.

If you don't feel confident about Ikon, but you still have the film, perhaps you may want to find another agency, and if the photography was any good, the agency may be able to use the film to get you comp cards once they decide to represent you.

Feel free to report further developments in your situation.

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To Whom It May Concern:

I recently was called back to Ikon Model Management in New York City after an open call.

I was told by one of their booking agents, Nasim Petty, that he wanted to use me but not after a $450 shoot with a photographer named Rick Day.

I've spoken with a few professional models who don't work with Ikon, but they told me that they heard it was legit.

If it is a legit agency, why can't they pay for the shoot and comp cards and I will pay them back out of my first paycheck?

In addition, I learned that Nasim Petty is on the Advisory board for TCT, a company that I heard is a scam.

I am so sick of not knowing who is real and who is a degenerate weasel out to rip poor people off.

Any information regarding my inquiry would be much appreciated.




You may want to ask Nasim Petty if he is on the Advisory Board of TCT. TCT has claimed various people were on its Advisory Board, but these people have stated the claim was false, they asked their names to be removed, or they didn't even know TCT. Last time it was checked, the entire Advisory Board had been removed from their website.

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