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Boom Model and Talent Agency

To Whom It May Concern:

A few months ago, I sent my picture to Boom Models and Talent.

They sent my picture to a division they have called Model Placement. Model Placement called me and said they were interested in me. They asked to come in for an interview.

I do not live in Safety Harbor, so I would have to go out of town for the interview. That would cost my family money. So my mother and father asked questions:

"Are there any upfront fees?"

"Do we have to pay for pictures or classes?"

They said no. They also said that they were casting extras for movies this summer with Will Smith and other big names.

So my mother and I took a bus ride and paid for a hotel. I got my hair, nails, and makeup done and bought a new outfit.

We got to the agency, which was small, and has a photo studio on the property.

In the interview, the lady gave us the spiel about how my comp card wasn't good enough, and that it had to be redone by their photographer.

Which was going to cost $1,500!

They specifically said no upfront fee or pictures!

She didn't even look at my portfolio!

I sent my picture to Boom, not Model Placement. They basically won't work with anyone who doesn't pay for their pictures first.

You can also look for Boom on, under scam watch.


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