Dynasty Productions

To Whom It May Concern:

I just thought I'd share my experience with a new agency in the DC metro area called Dynasty Productions.

I am a professional model who has been looking for a respectable local agency. Dynasty Productions claims to put on runway shows for Guess, Gucci, Versace, and BEBE, so thought I'd give them a try.

I went to their interview where they talked about all the bookings they've gotten their models and the many runway shows.

Then you schedule a second interview to "determine" your modeling potential.

In my interview, I was told that I would be perfect for their runway shows, but I needed to take their professional choreographer classes, which were about $250 for a two-week session.

Then, if I wanted to get print work, I needed their comp cards, which were another $400.

They then suggested that since I have not received any tear sheets, I would need proper modeling training.

This was all even after I showed up with a professional book from some respected professional photographers I've worked with in NYC, and then explained to them that I've been in previous runway shows with real designers.

Needless to say, I've been modeling for two years and have been doing pretty well, and received a lot of paying work just by freelancing and sending my photos in myself.

As it turns out, the designer fashion shows happen at dance clubs with clothing they've bought themselves from the company stores. Their professional trained runway models are also all under 5'6. Every professional model knows that the minimum for runway is 5'8.

I've once again been disappointed with the local DC modeling agency scene. I wouldn't recommend anyone wasting their time with this wannabe top model agency.


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