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Elite Pro Models (Grand Rapids, MI)

(This company is not the Elite in NY, and not affiliated with Elite in NY)

To Whom It May Concern:

I am from the Muskegon area, and recently found a "modeling scout" using the company name of "Elite Pro Models" with a person named "James M. Kavanagh" as its President.

The website address is:

The office phone is: (616) 363-6890.

The office is located at "4920 Plainfield NE, Suite 12, Grand Rapids, MI 49525."

I was wondering if this person or group is listed on any known scam lists or if it is legit. I am only inquiring as I am new to this field of work.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.



The first question is about the name. Is it affiliated with Elite in New York? Evidently no. Why are they using the same name as one of the top agencies in their name if they are working in the same industry? How is it not confusingly similar to Elite Models? Whose models are obviously professionals. How it is not a trademark violation?

The name itself raises the basic question are they abusing a famous name for their business? If you are in the industry, you cannot not know about Elite, so they cannot plead ignorance. There are scam agencies and companies in this industry who use famous names (celebrities and agencies) to make people think they are large, established, successful, and respected.

You said they have an office but the website itself seems to suggest it is nothing more than a website. The site pushes the internet as an exposure tool, using the typical pipe dream sales pitch. The internet is going to cause a revolution in the modeling industry. It does not look as if they offer anything more than internet comp cards.

Still skeptical the internet will revolutionize the modeling industry? Remember a few years ago when people scoffed at the notion that jobseekers could simply post their resumes online and not have mail out dozens of resumes to find a job? Or that people around the world could post items for sale and others would bid on them? Well internet companies have proven that forward thinking will dominate in the 21st century. We welcome you to join us as we play our role in the technology revolution.

There were so many people who felt the internet would change everything. But the stories of dot-com business failures are everywhere.

It appears as if it is very new. According to the whois domain record, the domain was registered less than six months ago:

Created on: Thu, Jun 06, 2002

Have they done anything? Where are the success stories? Where are the tear sheets? You said they scout. They called themselves a "world scouting organization."

As a scouting company, we pride ourselves on being the gateway to that industry. Scouting is an industry term that means finding new models. Our job is to find the future models for the modeling industries.

Whom have they discovered? Has anyone got work through their website? What is the professional background of the leader? Was he a model scout? Was he a booker?

They claimed: "Agencies contact Elite Pro Models requesting the models that they are interested in working with or representing."

Really? Which agencies? Why don't they tell you? Are there any names and quotes from these agencies saying they use the website and they have selected a model?

What is "exposure" if nobody gets work? It's a myth. It's really just exposure to the possibility of exposure. The whole internet revolution theory is just that, a theory.

Do they ask for money? Is this a free internet portfolio hosting service?

I don't know what information you were given, or what you can provide, but based on their website, there is not enough information to make any kind of financial commitment.

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