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To Whom It May Concern:

I recently went to a Mannequin modeling search and was selected. It sounded very legit.

I have also been to many others which have sounded that way, but weren't, such as Options and Highlite. Luckily, I never signed up for those.

This time I did sign up for the training classes. Have you heard any scams from Mannequin model agency and school?

Thank you,



There are enough modeling school scams out there.

Can you please identify the location of the company? The BBB had three listings for Mannequin:

19148 Ten Mile Road

910 San Pedro

6101 N Keystone Ave

You wrote: "I did sign up for the training classes."

And are the classes free? If not, please add the price, curriculum, and name(s)/qualifications of the teacher(s).

Most all the modeling agency/schools are caught in a conflict of interest and they are far from being "very legit." (See link below.) Is Mannequin any different?

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The location of the Mannequin is:

19148 Ten Mile Road
Eastpointe, MI

The classes were $195/class and a $195 registration fee. You also had to attend 10 classes and they gave us a total of $2,000 if we paid in full.

They have not yet said the names of any teachers, but the curriculum is mostly runway. Each Saturday of the month that you must go is 6-7 hours. There's about three hours of runway each time and then miscellaneous stuff including makeup and hair care.

I'm wondering if you have heard any complaints about this school/agency.



No complaints yet, but what research have you done about the "agency"? The BBB file said they are a modeling school, not a modeling agency. The business name is "MANNEQUIN SCHOOL OF MODELING."

Where are they getting people work? What type of work are they getting models? How many are getting modeling jobs? How much are they getting paid? Or are you planning to attend this school just to learn and not get work?

The biggest or most common mistake aspiring models make about modeling schools is to think they are modeling agencies, and if they take the classes, they will get work and become models.

This happens all the time with schools which have the same curriculum of makeup, haircare, and runway, including John Casablancas, and John Robert Powers.

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