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To Whom It May Concern:

I have never been a model, nor done any modeling or acting, but I have always had the dream to become an actor.

I found an advertisement in The Journal News.Com by a company which was looking for "New faces, paying top dollar, no experience req'd, TV, Print and Promo."

So today I went for my first appointment or "Open Call" with the modeling/talent agency called MAXIMUM EXPOSURE.

I was not prepared and I was pretty naive about how to break into this line of work.

MAXIMUM EXPOSURE claimed to be the only licensed talent agency in Westchester, NY, that handles the entire Tri-State area, or something like that.

This company appeared to be completely legit, but I have never been in any kind of modeling agency, so I didn't know what to expect. I only saw one other person besides the receptionist working in this office.

After signing in, filling out a photocopied and barely legible "basic information" form, and waiting for nearly 45 minutes, I was seen by that one person working at this office.

This person brought me back to their office and asked me a few questions, why I just now wanted to do this type of work, etc., etc. I was also given back my snapshots and ID which I had to provide.

After I was told how they operate, and a little about what I can expect out of creating a relationship with this company, he started telling me that they do require a fee to cover their costs of "Marketing" me to all of their contacts. He said this fee covers their expenses for sending out my photos to so many people to get me work.

He also mentioned that I could get into their acting classes and pay for a package deal. The most expensive was their "Platinum" package, which includes five images on disc and the acting class. The price for this package is $1,500!

And he wanted me to pay for one of their packages TODAY. I told him I could not do that, and did not come prepared to pay money. I definitely felt this was a red flag.

I finally got in touch with a few friends who have modeling experience, and they all said that I shouldn't ever be asked to pay anything up front like that.

One person (a former NYC Ford and CED Model) said if anything I should tell the agency to take any fees out of my first check(s).

I then looked for a website or listing for MAXIMUM EXPOSURE, but I could not find anything on the internet about this company.

The only place I found any info on this agency was through the Better Business Bureau. They gave this agency an UNSATISFACTORY RECORD, and even had many disputed complaints against them.

Has anyone else dealt with this agency or had bad/good experiences which they would like to share?

I think I am going to steer clear and stick to dealing with the larger commercial agencies.


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