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Michigan Modeling Network

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently attended an open call interview at a hotel. The company I met with is called:

Michigan Modeling Network
430 Leonard St.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

(616) 233-0818

The owners of the company are Daniel Reynolds, Rachel Bregg, and Mike Antor. 

At the interview they were trying to convince me to be model. They said I had potential. I think they might tell that to everyone. None of them looked liked models.

They would not give me any references. They seemed liked they were dodging my questions.

I was wondering if you have any information about this company.

Please let me know if it is a big scam or if it is legit.

Thank You,



No information or previous complaints, but if they dodge your questions and refuse to give you references, how can you trust them? And if you can't trust them, why would you make any commitment or sign with them?

Do they seriously think you should make a commitment based only on them saying, "You look like a model!" If that is all they had to offer you, it's ridiculous.

Redacted Info

I did not give you their website address. Michigan Modeling Networks is

It's nothing but a website. It is not an agency.

Michigan Model Network Inc. is a company dedicated to promoting Michigan’s beauty to the world of modeling. We are not a modeling agency, we do not charge finder’s fees, split commissions, or take percentages on models that are booked with agencies or directly with clients.

Finder's fees? It doesn't mean anything that they don't charge finder's fees, because you are probably never going to be found. It's a moot point.

Split commissions? Again, irrelevant, because your chances of getting any work from being slapped on their website are virtually nil.

Percentages? If they want to talk about percentages, let's talk about the percentages of people on their website who were booked, found representation, and actually got paid. Is it 0%?

We provide unrepresented aspiring models an economical way to be seen by the agencies and clients, who drive our industry worldwide, that otherwise would have no chance to be discovered by them.

Economical? How about free? That's economical. Who is going to see them on their website? People who "otherwise would have no chance to be discovered by them." Anyone on their site still has virtually no chance of being discovered.

They have not claimed even one person was discovered, and don't hold your breath, because as most people know, published news reports have revealed, and the BBB says, agencies do not scout online.

"Our company recruits models and promotes them via our international website," they said.

"International website"!? Every website is international! "We are dedicated to making your images global and helping with furthering your career as a model." Making your images global!? So what? Is someone in Russia going to book one of the people from Michigan on their site?

"How do we do this? After a model has been selected..."

"Selected"? Based on what?

... we build an internet composite card that can be viewed by industry professionals, saving them hundreds when compared to the cost of paper composite cards that must be changed every time new pictures need to be added or there [sic] style changes.

Wrong! This is not going to save anyone any money. It's the same lame sales pitch as Trans Continental Talent. If you are never found, you will never get comp cards. If you never get comp cards, you are not going to change your comp cards.

If agencies don't use digital comp cards, and they only use paper comp cards, you're going to have to get paper comp cards anyway. So you'll have to pay for that and no money is saved. If anything, if this "network" costs money, you'll lose money.

"This is the newest model network in Michigan."

There is another one?

"Michigan Model Network cannot guarantee work."

Nice disclaimer, and very obvious, but who has got work through their site?

Schedule: "Our schedule is currently being updated... Check back soon!"

Services: "Our services are currently being updated... Check back soon!"

Don't check back soon. Find an agency.

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