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To Whom It May Concern:

I was wondering if you have any information on The Model Connection.

My daughter attended a workshop at a hotel in Orlando, Florida, last weekend which The Model Connection was running. It cost $75 cash.

After attending she was accepted and offered an interview.

We went to The Model Connection interview, and found out it would cost a registration fee of $425, and eight payments of $100 for each workshop, including a photo shoot.

Total cost: $1,225.

I turned down the spot, because I did not have the money for her to attend.

I was just wondering if this was a scam, or is the The Model Connection a legitimate company?

Thank you,



What are you paying for? Workshop for what? What is their website address?

Without more information it's difficult to figure out the company. But based on what you provided, it sounds like a modeling class or modeling photography scam.

Have you walked into a reputable modeling agency in Orlando? You don't need workshops, and you don't need to pay a dime. Check the Yellow Pages.

If these workshops are modeling classes, it's possibly a total scam, because legitimate modeling agencies educate their models FREE.

What are you looking at with the Model Connection? $1,300? For what?

There was one complaint online. Is this the same company?

The Model Connection Complaint
We recently went to a model search put on by "The Model Connection." They sent a letter saying that my daughter Kayla had won a chance to be a model.
We had to send in $75 for the day (which was to include a makeover session, lunch, t-shirt, and a runway show).
The kids basically had to put their own makeup on, and they did good on the runway show, but the owner stated that only 45 girls would be picked out of over 100 girls.
Well, Kayla was one of them to be picked, and when we went to find out what she had to do, they stated that I would have to make a downpayment of over $400, and then pay $100 per class, and then more money for photos (portfolio), which they stated would be quite a bit of photos, but in little writing they said it would basically be the equivalent of school photos.
So, needless to say, Kayla was upset, because she thought she was picked to be a model, and they were just going after the money.
So we thought we would let everyone know about this agency.
Julie W. & Kayla W.

Is it even an agency?

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The prices were $75 for the first workshop. Then a starting fee of $425 and eight payments of $100 for eight workshops, plus you get a photo shoot (one 8x10; one 5x7; one 4x6; and four wallets).

My mother wrote you yesterday and you wanted the info, so I am giving it to you, so you can investigate it more.


C. and K.,

The website ( said: "The Model Connection has been part of the modeling and acting industry for over twenty years."

The BBB record for The Model Connection said: "Original Business Start Date: January 1996."

The BBB record listed The Model Connection under the classification of "Modeling / Talent Agencies."

The website did not say The Model Connection is a modeling/talent agency.

If they are a modeling agency, they should not be making money from either photos or classes. This is a conflict of interest and this conflict of interest is often exploited making aspiring models victims of modeling scams. Most agencies, the BBB says, teach models FREE!

If they are not a modeling agency, then why would anyone use them? Go directly to a modeling agency, find people who can book you, and teach you anything you need to know FREE.

The listed services on The Model Connection website were: "Professional Workshops; Professional Make Up Stylist; Photo Shoots; Portfolios; Composite Cards; Model Development Management; Placement; Monthly News Letter; Online Photo Gallery."

They look like they are trying to make money and take no risks. What risks do they take if they are paid up front? One way to investigate modeling scams is to find out who is taking the risks and who isn't.

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