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To Whom It May Concern:

Can you tell me if you have ever heard anything on Model Exchange International out of Madison, WI? Wondering if this is a respected model agency or not.



Nobody has contacted Modeling Scams regarding Model Exchange International with complaints or comments.

It is not a "respected" model agency on the level of Ford, Wilhelmina, etc.

It does not appear to have a website at, but there is another site on based in Madison, WI:

Although it calls itself a "full service modeling agency," and the full name includes "International," there is no sign on that website it has offices outside of Wisconsin, or even Madison.

When you see "international," you might expect to find they have offices in different countries.

There are only 8 models profiled. All women. It appears to be a small setup which specializes in glamour/pinup photography.

The owner or contact person of "Model Exchange International" appears to be a photographer.

In fact, the exact same address is given for both the "modeling agency" and the photographer.

Both the names end the same (Ltd.), and both have the same address (P.O. Box).

It appears to be a photo studio posing as a model agency.

If you decide to investigate further, the questions to ask would be:

1. How long have you been around?
2. How many countries do you work in? ("International")
3. How many work on staff?

There is a respectable modeling agency in Wisconsin called Arlene Wilson Management. They have an office in Milwaukee and their models seem to have appeared in fashion magazines. The website address is:

I'd recommend contacting them or any other modeling agency which has been around for several years, has offices in different cities, and more than a few on staff.

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Response from Dylan Scott Agency:

I noticed you gave advice to a certain "G.W." about respectable modeling agencies in Wisconsin.

You cited Arlene Wilson as an agency which operates in Wisconsin, which is accurate, although it is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Our agency, the Dylan Scott Agency, is a full-service agency which is based in Madison, Wisconsin, and has operated for 10 years.

We represent talent for television, film, and print, and have placed qualified individuals in Tokyo, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Milan, and countless other places for print modeling.

Interested individuals may contact us at where we advise on how to become a model or talent listed with our agency.

We are linked to the Wisconsin Film Office, and have numerous contacts throughout the film, television, and modeling industries.


Dylan Scott Talent

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