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To Whom It May Concern:

I was just wondering about Are they something that is worthwhile? There are so many scams I was just searching the internet and came across it.



M., say they do not charge upfront fees. Their FAQ said: "Our scouts work on a commission-only basis and do not charge up-front fees or require that you take modeling courses." However, you must pay upfront fees to be on their website.

Still, the cost is not extreme: "There are no other costs involved when submitting your photos to Model There are no monthly or annual fees, only the one-time submission fee of $59.95 US."

The price is comparable to ($59.95/year), but charges only a one-time fee, not an annual fee.

They claimed:

This fee is much less than you would pay for making copies of all your photos and mailing them to all of the agencies our scouts represent and is much less than many online scouting services who charge between $60 - $600 U.S. per year simply to post your photos on their websites and where the chance that your photos will actually be viewed by a legitimate and qualified scout is extremely rare.

Unlike most other websites, offers a guarantee:

We guarantee that your photos will be carefully evaluated by qualified scouts who scout for over 40 of the world’s top international agencies and that every effort will be made to help you succeed in accomplishing your goal.

It is not extremely expensive, and may be one of the better internet-based model discovery opportunities, if you take a closer look, but since you had previously said in another letter you were going to New York in a month, it makes more sense to visit the respectable NY agencies at their open calls.

Basically, it would be better to exhaust the suitable free opportunities first, and then consider spending money.

There are aspiring models who could spend thousands for a convention, for example, when they could just as easily have been discovered by sending their pictures.

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