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To Whom It May Concern:

First off, I just want to say that you have done a great thing by exposing modeling scams for the viewers of this site!

I am writing to ask for your advice, and the advice of the readers of the website. I have been a model for about four years, and had to go through the learning curve of who to trust and not to trust in this industry.

After reviewing all of my possible choices, I decided to go with a modeling agency that had a great reputation, and has been in business for over 20 years.

Even though the representation was free, they had optional classes and photoshoots, both of which I decided to take. Both of these things helped me tremendously in beginning my modeling career.

After a while in the business my look developed, and I became more marketable. I went to open calls for larger international agencies (through my local agency), and got accepted by three very large agencies out of Milan, Miami, and New York.

Here is where the problem came in. These agencies requested my professional photos to give to their superiors for a final approval. My agency had these on hand, but it took months and months of coaxing on my part to get my agency to send them. After taking about four or five months, the agencies completely forgot I existed, and had moved on to other models.

The same thing happened with all three —an agency would come in, say they liked me, request more photos, wait too long to receive them, and move on.

For the record, I have since been very successful after taking it into my own hands. I have traveled to Milan, New York, and other locations "living the model life."

I have come to the conclusion that I need to provide a service to aspiring models to fill in the gaps of what is currently available. I have recruited currently working models that feel the same way I do —that there needs to be a better intermediate level modeling service.

There are pure modeling schools like John Robert Powers —which I believe are not necessary because it is not necessary to take modeling training that is so extensive (but the modeling classes I did take helped me considerably).

There are local modeling agencies that focus on getting their talent work on a local level, and will never push their models to the larger markets.

I want to be able to provide a modeling service that people can trust, that is needed, by filling in the gaps of the current modeling businesses, and above all provides a clean, safe and fun environment. After all, if the models are not having fun —they should pack up and move on.

The concept of the service so far is to provide models the training that is going to be beneficial to them (remove all the unnecessary training of the modeling schools); provide them with top quality photographers to get professional photos (which regardless of what top agencies say have helped me and every model I know increase their chances of getting into top agencies); provide the models with top quality stylists and image development people to perfect their look (something I had to figure out on my own that took me years before I was marketable); and then to market them to the bigger market agencies.

Sorry for the long email, but I feel it is necessary for the readers to see what it is like from a model's perspective.

I would appreciate any insight, comments, suggestions that you or the readers would have in order to help set up this much-needed and long-overdue service.

Thank you for your time.




Why not start your own modeling agency? It was obviously very frustrating for you when the agencies were lazy or incompetent. You know what was done wrong; and you know how it can be done right. Everything you said you want to do is what a modeling agency should do.

A modeling agency should develop your look and develop you with teaching, training, and advice where needed. They should help you choose a competent photographer and develop a portfolio or book which they can use to effectively market you. They should market you, moving you up to higher markets, as a mother agency, and follow through with the requests of clients for more pictures of you.

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