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To Whom It May Concern:

Have you ever heard of


N., looks as if it could be a teen website. Or even a parody teen website. It is not clear.

In any case, it has lots of flash animation, but it's irrelevant, because the image quality is generally mediocre to weak.

Modeling agencies are probably more interested in quality pictures, not flash animation. But the photography is poor and the pictures too small. Some of the scans or doctoring make aspiring models look disfigured.

But let's look past their bouncing balls, photography issues, and web design, and look at their claims:

" is the prime contact between models and the business world."

"International exposure"

Photography - "Opening on the 15nth."

If is the "prime contact" between models and the business world, as claims, where is the proof?

To make such a bold claim, to set itself up as the leading modeling agency of Greece (.gr), if not the entire world, you might expect to read the comments of the business world.

Where are they? And where are the pictures (tear sheets) of the magazines in which the models have appeared?

The silence is deafening.

Now, there is nothing wrong, unethical, or illegal about offering "international exposure" to aspiring models, although "international exposure" is a redundancy, because we all know their website is on the internet, and the internet is international.

The problem is with the claims and whether there is misrepresentation.

Can a modeling agency represent you any better than it can represent itself?

Then you can take a look at the management. The management section tells you what management does not do, and what they do. Sort of.

It is a strange format and non-presentation presentation, asking a question it never answers.

The modeling agent part ends with a picture of the back of a man, looking at a map of the world. Huh?

It is very brief, very vague, and you never see names, pictures, or background experience, to find out if there is a management (i.e., not just a webmaster), and if the "management" is any more qualified than you are to be the "management."

Since it is totally unclear that the website is anything more than a webmaster recreational project (who is management), and there are no signs of results (modeling contracts with agencies, tear sheets, testimonies), let's look at the potential to deliver those results at some point in the future.

There is nothing wrong with having a website to offer international exposure, and modeling exposure websites have to start somewhere, some time, and they are unlikely to have instant results. But the real issue is who will view the pictures? Will they be seen by modeling agencies?

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