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To Whom It May Concern:

Could you please give me some information on Modelinque in Chicago?

Modelinque asks for payment on a $75 slot in their model sheet/book, but they also say that they will waive it and take it out of your checks from jobs. They have a website at

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"ModeLinque is a model and talent network linking aspiring and professional models and individuals with unique talents to the industry professionals around the world."

Is Modelinque a business with a website or just a website?

There was no BBB record for Modelinque at the address provided in Illinois.


Will It Cost Me Anything To Be Evaluated By ModeLinque?

No, it won't. ModeLinque does not charge any evaluation or processing fees. However, if we choose to post your portfolio and personal information in our online database, you will be charged online advertising and agency book costs on a yearly basis.

These are upfront fees. Not a good sign. Online advertising is now charged on a pay-per-click basis. It has to perform. If nobody uses their website, why would you pay? Especially when it costs almost nothing to put a picture on a website! You should not pay for advertising until AFTER you get work, if at all.

Are they actually getting anyone any work? Did you see any tear sheets? How about a client list? I didn't see either tear sheets or a client list. What about quotes from top agents who used the website?

"The pictures you send do not need to be taken by a professional photographer. Of course, if you have professional pictures, you are welcome to send them; however, we prefer to receive simple snap shots or Polaroids, which give us an accurate idea what you look like. We suggest that you have a family member of friend snap a quick roll or two. Use half of your film to get a good headshot and half to get a good body shot."

That is a good sign, because they are not trying to sell what you don't need like modeling photography scams. But they want you to get professional pictures for their "online database" if you are "accepted." But, again, if nobody uses their website, why would you pay for professional photos to put on their website?

It looks like nothing more than an online database. They talk about marketing online, but who is using their service? Did any of their models get work? Which models have got work? What type of work? How much did they earn?

They want you to send photos to a "New Faces Division."

ModeLinque New Faces Division 401 Ferry Street, Suite 105 Metropolis, IL 62960

That makes them sound like a modeling agency. Are they a real-world modeling agency? Do they have a modeling agency license?

What about the leadership? Who is running the website/company? The ABOUT section has a picture but no name. If you are going to pay, or you are dealing with a business, shouldn't you see names on the website?

The ABOUT section does not say WHO owns Modelinque. WHEN it started, etc. There is too little information to take them seriously. Trust is based on performance.

Then after very little info, they have a Mission Statement. Aspiring models don't want a mission statement, they want proof the website is doing something, proof the website is successful, proof models got work. Talk about "HOW Modelinque works" is irrelevant if it doesn't work.

See the list of Questions to Ask Modeling Agencies in the Guide section if you are still interested in Modelinque. They may not be a modeling agency, but the questions in the list are probably just as relevant.

"ModeLinque will be a reputable global model and talent service providing modeling and talent realization opportunities for people of all ages, genders, and nationalities," a related website claimed.

Note they did not call themselves a model and talent agency, just a model and talent service.

The model/talent agency licensing laws for the state of Illinois wherein Modelinque is based:

Illinois has laws which specifically apply to "theatrical employment agencies." An agency can charge a maximum $4 registration fee, and only if granted such a permit. This fee is subject to return on demand if no position is procured. Agents cannot require subscriptions to a publication, post card service, or advertisement. Agents must send out "referral slips" with each job. Agents cannot have a prison record nor belong to "subversive societies." Agencies cannot advertise without a "bona fide" job order. Also, "theatrical employment agencies" must provide talent with detailed and specific employment contracts. Theatrical employment agencies must be bonded in the amount of $5,000.

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