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New Faces Talent claims: "New Faces Talent receives 4.9 - 5 million hits per month." But the front door is wide open. There is no restricted access. To any part of the site, it seems. Who are these people visiting?

What percentage are industry professionals? What percentage are reputable industry professionals? You have no idea. Do they? You could tell if visitors used passwords, but apparently they don't, so how can you know?

All that traffic "translates into lots of international casting exposure," New Faces Talent claimed. But if you had a modeling agency in Sweden, for example, would you be looking for models in America?

An industry professional at Blackwood-Steele said most agencies are not interested in signing new models unless they are in their immediate neighborhood.

If that is true then "international casting exposure" is irrelevant to most aspiring models. Travel costs money. Who is going to pay for the travel expenses? How many modeling agencies can afford to fly anyone anywhere? How many clients look beyond their city/region/country?

"The models and actors on New Faces Talent receive numerous offers for modeling and acting jobs daily from legitimate casting / talent scouts and modeling / talent agencies."

I have not had time to check out all these, but I did find two which were questionable. One is a company which is listed on this website. So I don't know how true the claims are that the scouts or agencies are legitimate. Another company New Faces listed as a "top agency" was not even an agency. It was just a geocities website with some pictures.

Where are the tear sheets? I asked New Faces Talent months ago to post the tear sheets to substantiate their claims of magazine covers. They listed the names of numerous magazines in which New Faces Talent models were published, but they don't have the tear sheets, so how do you know if it is true?

It is the same thing with Billboards and Magazine Ads. They list several brands, but again, no tear sheets.

Actually, what their title said could be misleading: "Our discoveries and the talent on our site appear in/on..."

Putting the discoveries and the talent together like that could lead people to believe most of the models were discovered through the website.

When it could in fact be the other way round, i.e., most were already discovered, and they got the magazine covers before they discovered the website.

I'm not saying New Faces Talent is trying to be deceptive; I am just saying don't be deceived.

There is huge difference between the success of the website, on the one hand, and, on the other, the caliber of the talent indexed on the website.

New Faces Talent could have two lists, making the important distinction, one list for the discoveries; the other for the caliber. But they don't. Why not?

What is the New Faces Talent success rate? If online comp card websites are going to be held to the same standard as modeling conventions, where models are put together in the same place to be discovered by agents, we need to ask, What is the success rate? This information is not provided. Why not?

I'm not sure of the cost, but is there a money-back guarantee? If a company doesn't provide its success rate, that is, the percentage of models who pay who also get work through the website, the least they could do is offer a money-back guarantee.

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