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New York City People

To Whom It May Concern:

There's a new scam in New York City:

New York City People
11 Penn Plaza NYC
NY 10001

Phone: (212) 946-2632 contact is Nikki

Scam works by luring prospective models via a newspaper classified ad.

Fees of $298 for "professional" photos are then taken. Photos are taken in a photoshoot.

Most models do not have any real hopes of being models (plain people off the street).

Then the agent "Nikki" calls back after photos are developed, and says the prospective is very photogenic, and clients are giving a positive response.

Then the agent tells the prospective model to come in with $198 for enlargements.

The fee game continues...

This scam may be closing up shop soon, so the authorities need to be notified. They operate out of an office owned by "Jonathan Carter Technologies."

Let me know how I can bring this scam to justice.




If you think it is a modeling photography scam, contact the New York State Consumer Protection Board (NYCPB). Through a press release they have already spoken out against a company which sounds similar to New York City People as you reported it.

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