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To Whom It May Concern:

What is the going agency commission rate for print models in San Francisco?

I was offered a contract by a legitimate agency, but their commision base is 20%. I modeled many years ago, doing print work, and remember only a 10% commission being taken.

The agency also mentions that the talent pays for any fedex's, messenger services, and faxes for their composites going out. I don't remember ever being charged for this years ago.

Please let me know whether this is the current norm for agencies today.

Many thanks for your help and insight.



A commission of 20% is not uncommon. It would not be considered a scam. In fact it seems to be the average commission or industry standard in America. Print models can generally expect their agency to be paid a 15-20% commission.

In America the agency's cut for modeling in general can range from 10-33%; in parts of Europe it can go as high as 50%.

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