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Star Casting

To Whom It May Concern:

Star Casting is located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Their website address is:

They claim to represent the best actors in Utah, creating the #1 Talent Bank in the Intermountain West.

According to them they are a full-service multi-faceted Talent bank that can guide your future in modeling and acting every step of the way.

They claim to have the major clients we've all heard of.

They claim they have the best Photographer and Stylist in the State.

For $85 (Cash Only) they are offering 36 exposures, hair and makeup services, their photographer and sitting, processing, and a set of proofs for myself.

After the Makeover and Photo Session they evaluate the proofs and answer:

How well do you photograph?
Can you do print work?
What types?

During screening procedure, they provide an audition script to do a cold reading with the camera, then they make their decision to cast you in TV, films, commercials, etc.

The owner claims to be well connected in Hollywood having produced and directed over 350 TV Commercials and music videos.

Is this a scam or legitimate?




Star Casting has a clean record at the BBB.

As far as all their claims go, their website does not substantiate any of them. You can't tell when they started. There are no tear sheets, no letters or quotes from leaders, no names of anyone they have discovered, nor any names of people they represent. And there was no news page to show recent successes. Which means their website is weak or their claims are false.

On their New Star Search page, they said:

Unlike our competitors, we don't offer classes, workshops, expensive portfolios, we don't pretend to be everything to everybody. But if you are serious and want state-of-the-art management and guidance along the way, Star is your answer.
Why not save yourself a lot of time and money. Talk to everyone you can... are they trying to sell you classes? portfolios? sign you exclusively? Of course they are! Star doesn't entertain any of that nonsense, and the people that are with us appreciate it and benefit everyday.

Star Casting noted the common scams out there (modeling schools and modeling photography scams). The cost of the test shoot is very reasonable, and the fact they are starting with a test shoot is very sensible. Bogus modeling agencies want to start you right into an expensive portfolio or comp cards without testing, because they are paid for the photos.

Even if Star Casting wants payment in cash, $85 is certainly not a lot of money compared to other firms which want $500 or more up front for photos, online comp cards, or as a deposit for classes.

None of that, however, proves they are legitimate. You need to verify their claims by asking for and checking out what they told you. Get references and find out more. If their client list is as big as they claim, they should be able to provide the references as soon as you ask.

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