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To Whom It May Concern:

In January 2001 I went to an open audition with Tomorrow Talent.

915 Broadway, Suite 1306 
New York, NY 10010

They told me they wanted me to start as soon as possible, so they made an appointment for me to take pictures. It was a test photo shoot where they took eight shots of me.

In April 2002, they invited me to their office and chose a picture. They said the sooner I paid for the picture, the sooner I could get started.

I paid $495 but I didn't receive my pictures until October 2002. Furthermore, they have done nothing for me.

I thought they wanted me to start ASAP, but they probably meant, "We want you to pay for your pictures ASAP."

I looked them up under the BBB, and they are listed as an unsatisfactory company. They get a fee from a convention (IMTA) for which they charge their clients $5,000.

I feel horrible, not because of the money for the pictures, it is just that I believed in them and my hopes were so high.

Is there any additional information you can tell me on this company? Their office is in Manhattan, NY, and they have an office in Long Island, NY. In NYC they go by Tomorrow Talent and in Long Island they go by Tomorrow Talent and Modeling Management.




The only information available so far is the BBB record you checked. The BBB gave a reason for its unsatisfactory rating:

The Bureau wrote this firm a letter requesting copies of its contract promotional materials, refund policy, and proof that clients are obtaining bona fide work and earning money. The firm has failed to provide the requested information.

Apparently it is standard procedure for the BBB to request basic information from every modeling agency or model management firm; the BBB wants proof they get their models work.

But the BBB also provided useful information which explained the connection between Tomorrow Talent and IMTA. This is interesting because the BBB information has confirmed that modeling agencies or talent management is set up in a conflict of interest. The modeling companies are paid to recruit models and aspiring models for the expensive convention.

Contrary to the impression that it is just the company giving their professional opinion and making an unbiased recommendation purely for the benefit and advancement of the model's career, they are paid to encourage models to spend $5,000.

This company has stated that it works solely on commission and does not charge its clients any advance fees, as disreputable firms do. However, this firm advertises and collects thousands of dollars in advance fees for a modeling-acting convention in California. The cost of this convention is $5,000 per person and Tommorrow Talent does receive a commission from each attendee.

This is not a good situation for models. At the very least, Tomorrow Talent and any other modeling agency or business which recruits models for IMTA should disclose the fact they are paid, and the amount they are paid.

Redacted Info

Thanks for your quick response.

I also wanted to note that I called the Dept of Consumer Affairs and Tomorrow Talent is not licensed.


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