Millie Lewis AMTC
(American Modeling and Talent Convention)

To Whom It May Concern:

I went through the sites. They are working all sides of it. They have their four-day Search/convention; they have their traveling photographer (you should only use their photographer and not the bad local ones); they have the online comp cards; they have their sell-back/sell-through with the modeling school/agencies (some are franchises).

They haven't missed a trick at how to make a buck.

I am sure if you tracked their success stories you would find attending this convention had very little to do with them making it.


Response from Millie Lewis President:

Dear O.D.,

It's obvious you've never been to a Millie Lewis convention. I'd like to respond to several points in you letter.

First, we admit no franchise schools: no John Robert Powers, no John Casablancas. All of our directors are credible, small-business owners who sign an extensive Agreement of Ethics before they can even attend AMTC. If they violate a rule, we release them.

Secondly, we have the best agents, managers and casting directors of any convention in the world. Yes, you've probably heard of Ford, Elite, Wilhelmina and
Next. However, excellent smaller agencies also represent many supermodels and talent.

Following this letter to you is a list (see below) of definite acceptances for our Orlando 2002 convention, as of today's date, May 30, 2002.

Thirdly, our WebComps began during the high excitement about the new possibility of internet representation. Because so many new and questionable companies began selling this service, we have decided to discontinue it.

Please look at our new website to be launched at the end of June.


Carey Lewis Arban
The Millie Lewis American Modeling and Talent Convention and Millie Lewis International, Inc.

Mr. Brad Diffley
Abrams Artists, L.A.

Mr. Mark Measures
Abrams Artists, Los Angeles

Ms. Sandi Bass
Agence Presse, Tokyo

Mr. Alan Filderman
Alan Filderman Casting, New York

Ms. Yael Sapir
Ms. Sarah Chambers
Amazing Kids, Miami

Ms. Ann Wright
Ann Wright Representatives, NY

Ms. Marie Anderson
Ms. Rae Ruff, On-Camera
Aria Models & Talent, Chicago

Mr. Steven Nash
Arts & Letters Mgt., Los Angeles

Mr. Kevin Marks
Arlene Wilson, Atl., Chi, Milwaukee

Ms. Kathy Hardegree
Atlanta Models & Talent

Ms. Sawa Saito
Avenue One, Tokyo

Mr. Mark Redanty
Bauman, Redanty, Shaul, New York

Mr. Bob Cook
B.C. Entertainment Group &
Feature Film Producer, Orlando

Ms. Linda Strong
Blast! Models Inc., Toronto

Ms. Indra Anderson
Bobby Ball Agency, L.A.

Ms. Di Paulsen
Boom Models, Tampa

Ms. Mandy Silla; Mr. Blake Morris
Carolina Talent, Charlotte

Ms. Liz Ortiz-Mackes
Casting Solutions, New York

Ms. Jaynie Jackson
Chayil Entertainment, L.A.

Mr. Christopher Wright
Christopher Wright Mgt., L.A.

Ms. Ito Compton
Cinq Deuz Un, Tokyo

Ms. Michael Bailey
Click Models, Atlanta, New York

Ms. Nicole Conner
CMT Talent, Los Angeles

Ms. Sunny Chae
Mr. Jae Man Cho (James)
CNC 2000, L.A. & Seattle
Ms. Christine Deegan
DNA Model Mgt., New York

Mr. David Elliott
Don Buchwald & Assoc., New York

Ms. Evelyn Dysart
Dysart Casting, Atlanta

Ms. Karen Lee, NY/ worldwide
Ms. Heather Hardison, NY (Men)
Mr. Larry Williams, Miami
(Men, Plus)
Mr. Aubush Little, Toronto
Mr. Rodney Harris, Atlanta
Elite Model Mgt., Worldwide

Ms. Michelle Lynch
Epiphani Model Mgt., Atlanta

Ms. Doris Stinga
FFT, New York

Ms. Pat Collins
Fashion- Milan, FMI- Taipei Mannequin- Singapore

Mr. Mark Fincannon
Fincannon Casting, Wilmington
Casts "Dawson's Creek"

Ms. Cathy Tedone, Women
Ms. Stacey Sabato, Men
Ms. Carrie Karibo, 12+
Ford Models, Worldwide

Mr. John Shea
Frontier Booking, New York

Mr. Ed Urban
Gilburne & Urban Casting, New York

Ms. Ramona Pitera
Gilla Roos, New York

Ms. Dee Simmons-Edelstein
Grace del Marco, New York

Mr. Kristian Sorge
Grant Wilfley Casting, New York

Ms. Candice Cook
Ham on Rye Productions, L.A.

Ms. Harriet Greenspan
Harriet Greenspan Casting, L.A.

Ms. Mari Lyn Henry
Henry Downey Mgt., New York

Mr. Barry Shapiro
Herman & Lipson Casting, NY

Ms. Holly Powell
Holly Powell Casting, L.A.

Mr. Denny Sevier
House of Representatives, L.A.

Mr. Matt Schreiber
Hughes Moss Casting/ Pop Stars, NY

Ms. Cherie Pourtabib
Hype Model Mgt., Chicago

Mr. Fabio Lenzi
ID Management, New York

Mr. Erik DeSando, Owner
Ms. Peggy Rudman, Kid's Division
Identity Talent. Los Angeles

Ms. Marcia Weissman
Ikon Model Mgt. &
Marcia Weissman Mgt., New York

Ms. Marcie Robidart
Interscout, LLC
reps: Bravo- Tokyo, Cosmopolitan- Oska, Starz- Hong Kong & Shanghai
Mannequin & Diva, Singapore

Ms. Suzy Schwartz, Fashion
Ms. Zoya Pashenko, Children
Ms. Susan Applegate,
Commercial Print, Mature
Irene Marie, Miami

Ms. Justina Jones
J'Garri Entertainment, Atlanta

Mr. Jerry Beaver
Jerry Beaver Casting, New York

Ms. Cindy Kauanui
Ms. Lindsey Stewart, Children
Jet Set, La Jolla & L.A.

Ms. Judy Gibson
Judy Gibson & Assoc., Atlanta

Mr. Dan Hollinger
Kim Dawson Agency, Dallas

Ms. Lola Blank
LHB Management, Los Angeles

Mr. Louie Newman
MCA Records, Atlanta

Mr. Giorgio Barbieri
Madison Models, Paris

Mr. Gianlucca Ferrari
Major Models, New York

Mr. Jerry Jaffe
Management by Jaffe, New York

Mr. Aaron Marcus
Marcus Institute of Commercial Modeling, Baltimore

Mr. Alan Mills
Marshak Zachary Mgt., Los Angeles

Ms. Christine Donalds
Martin & Donalds, Miami

Mr. Travis Beto
Mega Models, Miami
*Part of "Women" Network

Ms. Jackie Lewis
Metropolitan Talent Agency, L.A.

Mr. David Vando
Models Mart, New York

Ms. Iris Hampton
MMPR/ Saban Entertainment, L.A.
(Power Rangers)

Mr. Vinnie Potestivo
MTV, New York

Ms. Megan Walsh
New York Model Mgt.

Ms. Susan Cooper
New Leaf Productions, Los Angeles

Mr. Tony Perkins
Ms. Grace Puc, Men
Next, Worldwide

Mr. Roger Canamar
Notorious, Los Angeles

Ms. Dawn Osbrink
Osbrink Talent, Los Angeles

Ms. Jen Kelley
People Store, Inc., Atlanta

Ms. Christine Kromer
Peter Strain & Associates, New York

Mr. James Pentaudi
Pi Theatrical/ Pentaudi Model Services

Ms. Thuy Tran
Prime International, Seoul

Mr. Jeffrey Kolsrud, New York
Mr. Lucio Villa, Los Angeles
Q, New York

Mr. Bruno Abate
Ricardo Guy Model Mgt., Milan
Hype Model Mgt., Chicago

Ms. Kirsten Walther
Saatchi & Saatchi, New York

Mr. Dave McKeown
Shirley Grant Mgt., New York

Mr. Cliff Audretch
Sony Records, Nashville

Ms. Manoushka Ross
Specs Model Mgt., Montreal

Ms. Barbara Hoard
Sports Authority National Casting

Ms. Britt Geller
Stellar Model & Talent, Miami

Tootie & June Debenedetto
Sweetheart Records, CT, *also
Elephant Records, Vienna

Ms. Emily Scott
Ms. Tobi Schmidt, Men
T Management, New York

Ms. Terry Berland
Terry Berland Casting, L.A.

Ms. Michelle Dilmore
Venus Swimwear, Orlando

Ms. Alicia Bridgewater
Vision by Steff, New York

Ms. Kristene Wallis
The Wallis Agency, Los Angeles

Ms. Cathy Celmer, Children, Miami
Mr. Ray Lata, Miami, Fashion
Ms. Erin Lundgren, New York
Ms. Anita Norris, New York
Ms. Susan Georget, 10-20 Plus
Wilhelmina, New York, Miami, L.A.

Ms. Debbie Cozo
Husband, Scout also
World of Kids, Miami

Ms. Hiromi Toshiro
World Top Models, Tokyo

Ms. Reiko Givens
Zem, Osaka

EDITION: May 30, 2002, 17 :14

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