Millie Lewis AMTC
(American Modeling and Talent Convention)

Dear Cindy Crawford Fans,

I was just wondering if any of you have attended the Millie Lewis American Modeling/Talent Convention.

I heard about the convention over the radio. They said they do singing and acting as well.

What I'm wondering is... exactly how many acting agents and singing labels will be there?

Conventions usually focus on modeling. I attended Model Search America and I KNOW conventions are pricey as well.

I went to MSA to look into acting, but there were only two acting agents there, and NO record labels.

If any of you have attended this and could give me some info on it I would be SO thankful!



Dear Kaysi,

I never attended a modeling convention so I wouldn't know. Just be careful —those groups are definitely trying to make money first and foremost.

Yes, there are some agents there, but the name of the game is to get as many young hopefuls there so they can cash in!

Good Luck!

Cindy Crawford

Source: Cindy Crawford's Official Website
Date: March 2002

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