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To Whom It May Concern:

Recently I responded to an ad in the New York Post which was published by a company based in New York City called Prestige Model and Talent Dev, Inc.

I went in and was told I was suitable for a career in modeling, and I would need to pay $80 for sample photographs to get an idea of how I look in photos...

Being a small price, I went ahead and paid and got the pictures taken, and now they want to put together a portfolio for me for the price of $495.

I'm a bit skeptical because of the physical appearance of the offices. They don't look like what I would expect of a successful modeling agency.

$495, is, in my opinion, a decent amount of money.

I did this to make money, but so far I've been getting hit up for my money?

I think it might be a scam. I checked the Better Business Bureau, and they don't even have records for this company!

Here's the company's contact info:

Prestige Model & Talent Dev., Inc.
39 East 31st
New York NY 10016
(212) 684-1201


P.S. I just noticed on the letterhead I have they have a typo —not professional! Let me know what you think. I'm pretty sure this is all a scam. Thanks in advance.


If you have doubts, don't do it. There are too many opportunities in NY to take a gamble on a questionable agency starting out.

(Do they even have a talent agency license? It's illegal in NY to run an agency without a license.)

If they can't even market themselves properly with professional letterhead, how well do you think they could market you?

It's not as bad as some places if they want you to start with sample photos or a test shoot. Others take you straight to the expensive pics and there is no test shoot.

$495 is not extreme, but if you start with a photographer prepared to do test shoots or TFP (Time for Print), it would be free. (Trading for a better portfolio).

Whichever agency you find and choose, make sure you don't pay the agency; pay the photographer if you can't get a photographer to do a test shoot free.

Good luck!

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