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To Whom It May Concern:

I previously inquired about Pulse Management, and after researching Pulse Management as much as I possibly could, and with the information provided by your investigation, I declined the management's offer of signing with them.

Although they may be a good management and not a scam, I found their way of doing things confusing, and I was not comfortable in dishing out the money they suggested.

In reading what the Head of Model Development wrote to your site, concerning the money requested, she may be correct; however, I was told by several agencies that amount is outrageous.

Regardless, if the management is in fact honest in their doings and has sincere intentions, best of luck to them and any model who chooses to work with them. I just believe they were not for me.

Thank you,


P.S. Also, on Pulse's site it says "A Division of Pa'Ma Ha'ku Corp." Out of curiosity, are you aware of what that is, or the connection it has to Pulse Management? Perhaps information concerning this will be of benefit to others researching Pulse in the future.


No idea what "Pa'Ma Ha'ku Corp" is. Nothing came up in a search engine. Where is their website? PamaHaku.com is not registered; nor is PamaHakuCorp.com. It sounds Hawaiian. Is it even listed at the BBB? They make it sound like it is a business. In what state is Pa'Ma Ha'ku Corp registered?

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To Whom It May Concern:

I came across your site and read about Pulse Management.

I came across the fact that one of Pulse's managers used to work for or used to own the Eastman Agency in Utah. I'm almost positive Eastman Agency went bankrupt while in Utah.

I don't know too much about the modeling world; however, it may be of interest to those who want to know more about the background of individuals who work for Pulse Management.

Also, in reading the letters concering Pulse Management, I read Shayna Edwards is head of model development and Stacey Eastman is the manager who used to own Eastman Agency.

But who is the owner of Pulse Management? Or are they connected to another, larger corporation, management, or agency, and if so how can an aspiring modeling find this information?

Thanks for your time,



When or where did you hear Eastman Agency went bankrupt? What is your source?

The BBB record for the Eastman Agency in Utah said it was closed, but it did not say it closed because the company went bankrupt.

Eastman Agency Inc
510 West 100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
General Information
Original Business Start Date: February 1992
Principal : Mr. Stacy James Eastman Owner
Type-of-Business Classification: Schools-Modeling
On 04/27/00, the Eastman Agency informed the Bureau that they were closing. The company discontinued operation [in] May 2000.

More important than the success of Eastman Agency is the success of Pulse Management. How many models do they represent? How many models whom they represent have got work through Pulse? How many earned more than they paid ($1,700)?

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To Whom It May Concern:

Your insinuation that our company is listed with the BBB in order to "look legitimate" is ridiculous. On the BBB site, it states "the Bureau must have a clear understanding of the company's business and no concerns about its industry." A company and it's website are thoroughly checked out before being listed.

We are listed because we are legitimate. We have numerous track records with the top agencies around the globe, including Wilhelmina Models. I have attached their letter of recommendation, one from many companies across the globe. It does reference Stacey Eastman as his name has come up in your postings.

You asked why we do not specifically say that we are not a talent agency on our website or the BBB record. When they designed it, they obviously did not feel it necessary as it states we manage talent... not that we book talent. As far as how our site pulls up on search engines, I honestly don't know how that works. I assume it was our programmers doing and I will have to research and correct that. Thank you for bring that to my attention.

Shayna Edwards, Head of Model Development, Pulse Management

Ms. Edwards,

You are not making sense. You said: "A company and its website are thoroughly checked out before being listed." Then you said: "As far as how our site pulls up on search engines, I honestly don't know how that works. I assume it was our programmers doing, and I will have to research and correct that."

If the BBB had thoroughly checked your website, as you claim they do, why didn't they notice the website description, which is on the home page meta tags and a description that shows up in search engines says you are a "booking agency": "Pulse Management is a booking agency." That was the first thing people can see in Google.com; it was not the result of thorough research.

Pulse Management
Pulse Management is a booking agency representing high fashion, catalogue, plus size, fitness, television, film, and extreme sport models and talent. With a ...
www.pulsemanagement.com/ - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

I am not saying or insinuating you are illegitimate; I was challenging your advertising, which you have acknowledged may need to be corrected.

The letter regarding the credentials of Mr. Eastman has been added for everyone to read.

You referred to the BBB and suggested they did not feel it was necessary to explain the difference between talent management and talent agency: "When they designed it, they obviously did not feel it necessary as it states we manage talent."

Firstly, there have been two aspiring models who have written and said they were confused about your company, and at least one of them did not know if you were a talent agency, and wondered if you were trying to look like a talent agency.

Secondly, the BBB does not always have a handle on these issues. I've seen incorrect classifications at different BBB chapters, and changes made to their classifications.

Thirdly, there are specific laws in the state of California regarding talent agencies, which are more important than the BBB, although the BBB should refer to them, especially since there are "agencies" which pretend to be talent agencies even though they do not have a talent agency license.

Beyond that, in the larger context, now there is a class action lawsuit by three law firms against the modeling agencies like the one you mentioned in New York, significantly because they allegedly tried to rename themselves as model/talent management instead of model/talent agency to bypass the laws of the state of New York, which limits the income of modeling agencies, because they are employment agencies, to a maximum of 10% commission.

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To Whom It May Concern:

This week my niece was approached by a woman who said she was with Wilhelmina. She gave a phone number to my niece to call Pulse Management.

My niece is excited and wants to believe every word. I am trying to find out if this is a legitimate company.

Mr. Eastman told her she should figure on updating her portfolio which would cost approximately $1,900.

She just had photos taken within the past couple months, but he said they are not good enough. He said she could get the shots taken anywhere, but if the photos are not good, she will be out the money and need to retake them.

However, if she goes through their recommendation, he will make sure the photos are good, and if they have to be retaken, there will not be an additional cost to her.

Also, they would need the contract signed and returned within 3 days.
My questions are:

1.  Does the photo conversation sound legitimate?
2.  Is three days to return a contract reasonable?
3.  Is Shayna Edwards, Head of Model Development for Pulse Management, the same person as Ms. Shayna Eastman who is listed with the Better Business Bureau as President of Pulse Management?
Thank you so much for your help!



There was a Shayna who wrote the site (surname Edwards). There is a Shayna who is listed at the BBB (surname Eastman). And there was a Shayna listed at the BBB for the company under its previous name (surname Leah). It is not a very common name, but you'll have to ask her to determine if they are one and the same person.

You said: "This week my niece was approached by a woman who said she was with Wilhelmina. She gave a phone number to my niece to call Pulse Management."

A previous email from Shayna included a letter from Wilhelmina with respect to Mr. Eastman. However, for anyone representing Pulse Management to represent they are "with Wilhelmina" seems to be a bit of a stretch.

Was your niece under the impression the scout is an employee of Wilhelmina? Is that not the impression anyone would get if they were told someone is "with" Wilhelmina?

In any case, the company represents to or through the BBB they are "Talent Consultants." At the time of writing this is the business classification on their BBB record, but their business model is not clear.

How are they making their money, is the question. You'll have to look into that. If they are not a talent agency, it is presumably not commissions.

The BBB description of the nature of their business was: "This company offers placement of artists with major talent and/or modeling agencies."

That makes them look like scouts. Since they appear to scout for a major modeling agency called Wilhelmina, or said they were "with Wilhelmina," you should contact Wilhelmina directly, and find out their policy in identifying new models and talent. Do you require $1,900 in a portfolios before they decide to represent new models?

Make no reference initially to Pulse, just ask how they operate. The thing that seems odd is top agencies in New York like Ford and Next do not ask aspiring models for portfolios or professional pictures to determine if they want to represent them. The Next president even said if they'll toss out professional pics to get Polaroids.

A previous comment from an aspiring model was: "I was told by several agencies that amount is outrageous." That was when it cost $1,700.

In a previous letter, Pulse Management said: "Indeed, we are not a Talent Agency as defined by the law. We do not book directly with the client."

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