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September 16, 2004

[Last Updated: October 05, 2004 ]

This company/website said:

New York Office:

410 Park Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, New York

Canada Office:

Suite 72021
RPO Glenmore Landing
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2V 5H9 [Sept. 16, 2004].'s New York "office" is not office space leased by; it is a mailbox. "If your business does not need full-time office space, but you still want a high-profile business address and many of the benefits that go along with it. . ." (See Virtual office New York , virtual serviced offices nyc.)

The Canada "office" "suite" is not an office, either, and it is not a suite; it is also only a mailbox. Other companies using that address call it a Box, because it is a mailbox, not a suite, and not an office. (See RPO Glenmore Landing.)

Related: On The Border: “By an large these ‘offices’ … are actually nine inches wide, eight inches tall and 29 inches deep,” says Bob Whitelaw, president of the Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus. “They are a postal box location giving you the impression you’re dealing with 1234 Maple Street in a community, suite 201. (But) suite 201 is a mail box and the reason they’re doing that is to give the impression that you’re dealing with a legitimate business in the United States” . . . . he mailed the cheque to an office in Plattsburgh, a town just down the road from Champlain. While the address looked like a suite number, it was really a post office box, and Lovic never saw the camera or his money again. “The way it read, it looked just like an apartment address,” Lovic told W-FIVE. “Had I known it was a P.O. box, my flags would have went up right then.”

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