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Search Engine Web Site URL Submission Advice

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Since awareness of crime is the best defense, we have included this section as a drawing card to get people to this site. As a first time web site developer I have encountered many factors which can, when condensed, save you a great deal of time and headache in successfully launching and promoting a web site of your own, whether it is for a business or not.

Some basic facts you should be aware of:

blue bullet point there are billions of web pages out there,
blue bullet point there are millions of web sites out there,
blue bullet point when you search for a topic, thousands of pages appear,
blue bullet point there are hundreds of search engines available to help find your site,
blue bullet point unless you set up your web site properly your clients will never, ever find your site.

Before you even consider submitting your site to a search engine you must do three things.

Sit down and write up a list of keywords which relate to your industry, company or services.

blue bullet point This list should contain at least fifty words or phrases you think people might type into a search engine trying to find you. For example we used (fraud, investments, pyramids, MLM, penny stocks, etc).
blue bullet point Next you must prioritize the words based on results you get when you use them to search for similar companies.
blue bullet point Get suggestions for related words from the major pay-per-click search engines using a small free program from GoodKeywords, JimWorld, or Wordtracker. You can also figure search counts using the Google Adwords cost calculator or Keywords. Their word choices may historically get more hits than yours, even though they are only slightly different.
blue bullet point Rather than scanning your dictionary or thesaurus try Lexfn for related words.
blue bullet point Next you want to add your company name to the list and maybe even your competition's, although people have been successfully sued for doing this with trademarks.
blue bullet point You should sign up with a free counter or search engine service that tracks the keyword searches people make, both to find you initially, and what they seek while on your site. After each month-end add the new words being sought to your inventory.
blue bullet point Pay-per-keyword services provide you with reports that show which of your listing words are hit the most. Focus on these within your budget constraints. You may even find you have no competition for certain words, yet. More surprising is that often the words are not what you would pick at all yet they are extremely popular and relate directly to your site.

The second step is to realize that even if you don't understand HTML programming you can and must type into your index.htm or default.htm page (while in HTML mode) some phrases which are crucial to success. Certain aspects of this advice might seem overly complex to those who have never dabbled in it. Take heart, you'll learn a little bit at a time and soon understand all that is required to succeed at this.

blue bullet point The first phrase relates to your main page TITLE. This is what you thought you would call your site but are not going to. Instead of ABC Company you are going to let people, and most importantly the search engines, know what you do by including about six of your keywords total to make a catchy informative heading such as ABC Company - Manufacturers of Lead Pipes and Widgets.
blue bullet point You can do this html stuff all at once when you are organized but what you will see at the top of the page when you view the index page in html format is:
blue bullet point <title> ABC Company Home Page <title>
blue bullet point You just need to edit the text to read your new more descriptive heading then save the file. Simple and you can now call yourself a webmaster.
blue bullet point The next step is to include two lines directly below the title line which are called metatags.
blue bullet point <meta name="description" content="Here you insert a readable description of your services in lower case except for when required in name, at least 50% more words than the title, no more than about twenty, using as many top rated keywords that make sense in a description without adjectives">
blue bullet point Directly below it you then type <meta name="keywords" content="all fifty of your keywords and phrases separated by commas, most important first, without repetition of words, if you have two word sets like loan and loan broker, put the least important at the end of the list"> The quotation marks and < > things are very important.
blue bullet point Because the major search engines will keep coming back after an initial visit you have plenty of time in the future to do this to each page in more precise and page relevant detail. The next step must be done now without further delay.
blue bullet point Soon some sites will not list you unless you have been rated for child-safe content, out of fear that you will be displaying some perverse bestiality that will certainly reflect poorly on them. You can get a meta tag rating free, and based on your judgment from ICRA and Safesurf who ask four questions, then give some html tags to insert between <HEAD> and </HEAD> right below <TITLE>. The old standby is <meta name="rating" content="general">
blue bullet point A good resource of links to other sites covering the topic of Metatags is Webdeveloper.
blue bullet point To see how search engines see your site, and what they might display about you, run a test through Delorie

Search Engine Submission

As mentioned before there are hundreds of search engines out there and until you get into them you will be the only person looking at your site. There are different types of search engines but who cares. You just need to know which are essential, which are good and which are useless.

There are about ten major ones that you must get on, but they are so busy taking in new sites (250,000 per month) that it can take from three days to three months before they look at your entry. That gives you plenty of time to sign up with some other good ones while you wait.

Some sites just take your full URL address to sign up such as while others want you to enter more detailed information such as:

Site title, description, keywords, appropriate category, business address, e-mail address and such. Luckily you have that list already done almost. You should go into different search sites and get an idea of appropriate category as they are sometimes vague, limited or extremely precise.

Many search engines, especially FFA (free for all) types, are set up to get your e-mail address and send you wonderful offers and information like newsletters and such. For this reason you want to have previously set up at least two free dummy e-mail accounts to receive the deluge. Within the email service set up numerous folders for storing the responses you get ( Search Engines, Promotions, Banners, Affiliates, Web Design, Respond To ). Also, never give out personal info, even correct phone numbers, unless you want calls from customers and others, such as when you list in a business directory or sign up for an affiliate program.

You can usually tell by looking which sites are cheesy attempts to get you on a mailing list by the graphics used so I've tried to suggest only the better ones, but who knows, graphics lie sometimes.

Some submission services offer to submit your site to the engines for free, while other charge for more than a basic ten. I prefer to submit manually to hundreds for free initially, then you don't get kicked out of the engine for resubmitting too many times. As long as you update your pages once every month or two you shouldn't get dropped but I plan to resubmit about every two months until I can narrow down my list to about thirty main and productive engines.

Note: I am soon discovering that due to the multitude of engines out there, and the time required to submit even URLs that I may eventually use a good quality submitter when I get too busy.

HitBox Doctor NetMechanic ScrubTheWeb
Watson Tidy (HTML)  

Tip!Open and save a one page word processing document that includes your URL, title, description, categories, personal and company info, keywords, etc. Then just copy and paste by switching windows from it to the submission page. Believe me, it saves a lot of typing.

Site Tips From Other Sources

For the greatest web info visit:

SearchEngineWatch WebReference ClickZ  
100Links SitePoint Dirtsmart DevX
JimWorld Actinic wwwConsortium FreeTechMail
Sitepoint Cybernovae AnyBrowser  
StealthPromotions WebMasterWorld HTML info JimTools ***

Visit Internet.Works which is an excellent publication and website from the U.K. They include top notch, full-blown programs free with their magazine each month, which I get at a specialty newsstand along with PCPro for from $10-20. Compared to North American magazines which give only demos, you can't beat this deal on a great variety of programs which are usually only a year behind the current version at most.

Info on Search Engines Specifically

  SearchEngineWatch Imagescape  

Submission Services

To make your life easier I have provided a list of over 100 quick links to many of these sites. Having such a listing would have saved me weeks of work but I would have made my mistakes that much sooner. You, on the other hand are prepared with a one page submission info list which you may even hand over to your staff to have them do it. Keep a master list of search engines so you can cross them off as you do them. Some other good, free, but instant submitters are listed below for future inputs. Just be careful not to resubmit the same url to the same ones more than once a month.

Some articles state that the search engines ignore submissions from bulk submitters and that you should do it manually. I recommend that you do your first submissions manually, based on the links and criteria from DreamSubmit then do the top ten manually as often as required ( monthly some say ) but auto-submit to as many of the others as you like if you could even be bothered to do that. I have found the traffic from these small sites minimal at best but having a listing there increases your link popularity rating which is judged by the major ones.

They provide limited free submissions and great website management tools that I'll cover later but you can also set up e-mail there for free and use that info to get into their other services and to direct search engine confirmations and spam back to.

Paid Submission Services

hrun 2Submit Exploit
INeedHits (24 free) AddMe (30 free) Primeseek
SubmitExpress (40 free)    

SubmitWolf PRO - Why pay a submission service to promote your web site?

Continue on for much more info on this topic!

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