I actually spoke with my criminal justice professor today about our
situation. He recommended that we go to the Police and
speak with a detective there to shut her down on fraud and criminal
deception charges.

This will allow us to stop her actions against other girls much sooner
than the AGO will be able to investigate and charge her.

I am going to call right now and try to set up a time, but he recommended we
try to get all the scam victims together with all their evidence for the meeting.

Does that sound like something you all are interested in?  If not I will go
myself, but I would like you all to be there... power is in numbers. He
recommended we do this step first.

I know it's late, but I just started this class and he has given much
insight into this whole ordeal.

What do you all think?  This way sounds like it will provide faster results
and shut her a*s down!!

Hurry... email me back!


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