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Modeling Scam and Talent Scout Background Checks

W.I.S.H. is now operating as Worldwide Professional Modeling Agreement

Ron Gross and Dawn Frey, an associate, have opened up shop as Worldwide Professional Modeling Agreement in Beverly Hills, California. I checked it out and when I called 323-556-0685 (business #) and asked who was the CEO, Dawn Frey answered, "Ron Gross." The word is getting out about him and so like any snake, he has crawled under another rock. He has reduced his price and tried to cover his butt with his new 'modeling contract' but it is the same [. . .] so DON'T BE FOOLED. Instead of sending a camera to you, he now suggests you buy a digital camera yourself.  He promises the usual fashion clothing and claims the $159.95 he wants from you will cover his costs should you fail to return his merchandise. And, to lure you in further, he generously waives $100 of his fee. DON'T get scammed, even for $59.95.  Mr. Gross, we are on to you.

Smart Parent Scores Credit Card Refund

"Ron Gross and Colleen Gross operate several websites:  Worldwide Internet Shopping Network,, and  They promise that for a fee of $289 they will send you a camera and designer clothes so that you can have pictures taken and then they will post them on a website."  [cont...]

Review of One Source Talent After Responding to Ad

Please check out a number of major [***] sites that are becoming very big out of Florida!

Thes are

and a myriad of interconnected sites all connected to Dwight Agnor. These sites will [****]on anyone!!! As long as you can pay they will say you can become a successful actor and model. It doesn't matter who you are or how you look they will make you all kinds of promises on their website that will not and mostly cannot be delivered. On top of it they are holding model expos and charging 750 people $399.00 to go to them. One of them is this week! This is the latest major [****]. They are now claiming to operate and have these model searches in 21 States. I hope you guys get the word out please!!!!

Alpha Model Group: African American model's review
Canadian Showcase for Models and Talent: Parent's review

Easy Background Check

Modeling Industry Due Diligence
"To Protect Your Kids and Save Your Money"

Note: Just because a company or individual is listed on this site, it doesn't mean that they are doing anything wrong, running a scam, or are a scammer. Some are, some aren't. Some, I imagine, are even wonderful legitimate business concerns offering an untold wealth of opportunity. Due diligence is about educating yourself on determining the difference.

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David Ecksmith Caught by Smart Parent
with his old internet modeling scheme under a new name:
Xtreme Talent LLC of Fort Mill, SC by Allison Goebel (listed owner)

NEWS: Edriss Farazi Charged with Larcency in Internet Model Scam
LarcenyEdriss FaraziHandcuffs
(Courtesy: WHDH-TV Boston)
How to get the person who scammed you arrested

NEWS: Modeling Photographer and Parent Bruce Miller Guilty of Internet Sex Solicitation of Minor

NEWS: Spitzer Crackdown on Long-running NY Photo Mill Scam($500,000 in restitution)
("People who wish to apply for restitution have until March 5th to send their documentation to the state attorney general's office.")
[See also: Internet Complaints Precede State Smackdown]

NEW: Former Employee Speaks Out Against Elen's Kids"Of about 3,500 kids signed up to this so-called "management firm" (all of which paid the $599 contract fee), maybe 10 children received regular work."

EXCLUSIVE: Adkids Owner Former Agent of Chicago Modeling Agency Shut Down by Feds

VICTORY: Models Win $22 Million Class Action Lawsuit Settlement (24 pages)

Advance Fee Child Modeling Schemes:

National Talent Associates ( LLC ( Adkids ( Elen's Kids ( face models Aquarian Associates
NTA AdKids Elen's Kids WSN Face Aquarian
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411 Management aka Model Management Group (
( ( (


About Faces Model and Talent, Atlanta, GA - email if they are trying to sell you expensive classes.

Acting Talent Resource Agency (ATRA) - - Robert Revel

Ad Kids Inc. ( in Chicago, Illinois and New York by Susan Henrichs

Allison Goebel (listed owner) of Xtreme Talent LLC in Fort Mill, SC

Allen Coefield

Alison Ruggiero

Alonso Consulting (Robert Alonso) in Fairfield, New Jersey (

Alpha Model Group (AMG) aka Alpha Modeling Group aka On Track Modeling (OTM)

AMAX Model & Talent Agency in Nashville, TN by Ashley Russell

American Model and Talent Convention

American Model & Talent Showcase $2,000. Clearwater, FL by Andy York (


Artist Management Group, Inc. ( Terry Groman (Terrence A. Groman) in McLean, VA ($1,500)
(see also Millennium Model Management)

Aquarian Associates Inc.

"Asianbridemag" (using eml for more info

Association of Working Talent (AWT) aka Associated Working Talent (, (Jed Knudsen)
AMPV Corp. ( fka AYBC ( aka Models, Inc. (ModelsInc.Net) aka aka aka ConventionTemps ( aka aka aka CastMark TV and Movie Casting ( aka Aaron Windsor Rothschild

Austin Models and Talent (AMT) in Austin Texas by Jeff Curley, President

Axis Model Management, Inc.

A-Line Model & Talent Marketing (A Line) (Access Model Marketing, Inc.)


Bang Models ( aka Creative Talent by Doug Hill in Atlanta, Georgia

Bambini L.A. (Bambina LA)

Blake Yoon is out of prison and running the Hollywood Photo Mill, Explore Communications (Booking Actors and Models, BAM, Millennium Models, Model Development)

Bob Jaimeson Photographer (Noble Media Group)

Bob Villard

Bobby Cipriani aka Robert Cipriani fka FlyGirls International ( nka Blazing Photography (

Booking Actors and Models (BAM) [Blake Yoon, Robert Amatruda, Robert Macias]

Boom Model and Talent Agency

Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller (Bruce Lee Miller) Photographer


Capture Productions (

Canadian Showcase for Models and Talent (CSMT)

Capture Productions (

Carey Lewis Arban (Carey Arban)

Carlos Gavidia of UDCC (Universal Debit & Credit Corporation) and Harris Bank

Cast Express ( aka Explore Talent ( by Blake Yoon

Cathi Larsen Agency 1675 Montclair Road Birmingham, AL

Celtic Talent Agency aka Celtic Talent International Model Agency (Dolores Corcoran) (

Chad E. Johnson (Chad Johnson)

Charlie Rairdoni

Chase Models

Charles Christopher Campbell (Las Vegas Art Gallery) aka Dr. Christopher

Christopher J. Valentino

City Model and Talent Development Center, Inc.

City Model and Talent, NY - no complaints on file

Cleri Model Management aka Cleri Models in Edison, NJ by Frank Cleri

Click Model Management, Inc. [New York]

CNTV Casting, Inc.

Commercial Scouts in Beverly Hills (Parent's Review)

Connections Model and Talent (Newport News, VA) (

ConnectionS 434 (

CQ3 in Atlanta at 678-904-5133 (See Doug Hill)


D-1 Models

Dana Dvorak (Posh Entertainment Group, Beverly Hills)

Danie Cortese Entertainment (

Daniel Lee Donaldson (Daniel L. Donaldson, Daniel Donaldson)

David Catanzaro (Dave Catanzaro)

Dazzle International Talent Agency

Debonair Marketing

Debut Events LA / NY (; Nova Talent Scouts (; JB Entertainment (Justin Brown) ( World Championship of Performing Arts

Dolores Corcoran (Celtic Talent Agency)

Diamond Productions, Inc. aka Diamond Productions Talent Booking aka Commercial Cast ( by Christina Aston

Dior Models ( Irvine, California by Dan Joseph

Direct Talent Source

DKR Model and Talent Management aka DKR Models ( Jim Ruggiero


Donna Forcier (

Don Voight (Donald Voight) Donald Joseph Voight

Douglas Hill (Doug Hill)

Dovrcheli Model Management (Dovrchelli Model Management)

Dynasty Models and Talent [Boston]

Dynasty Productions


E STYLE MODELING (Cleveland, Ohio)

Elite Model Management ("Elite")

Elite Pro Models [Grand Rapids, MI]

Elite Talent Management [Washington, DC area]

Elizabeth Savage Talent

Elle Model Management

Engelbrecht Advertising (Chico, California) ( - email for more info

Entourage Model Development (Entourage Photography) (Entourage Model Development / Entertainment)

Entourage Model and Talent (TX and CA) photo sales

ESB Productions Inc. in Delray Beach, Florida, by Gregory James (Gregory J. James)
aka Gregory J. Blount aka So You Want To Be A Model contest
aka Peter Glenn Publications aka Aspiring Talent Management

Eye Candy Model Management

Eye Model Management (

Excel Model Management

Exposed Casting (Bartenders America)


Face National Models and Talent LLC ("Face")

Faces to Remember ( aka LLC (

Fiesta Publishing Group - eml for more info

Finesse Model Management and Finesse Creative Productions in Sausalito, California

firstcalltalent,, First Call Talent

Ford Management [Boston]

Ford Model Management (Ford Models, Inc.) [New York]

Freddie Faulkenberry (Fred E. Faulkenberry) aka Gabriel Isaac:
The Shady On Track Modeling (Alpha Model Group) Photographer

Fuse Bay Area Productions ( by Penelope Lippincott in Sausalito, California


Gabriel Isaac aka Freddie Faulkenberry (Fred E. Faulkenberry) Alpha Model Group Photographer

Gary Spatz of “Gary Spatz’s The Playground” (

Glamour Pageants, Inc.

Grace Adele

Great American Model and Talent Search

Green House Productions (Greenhouse Productions)

Greg Dare - eml for more info


Helene Goldnadel

The Herson Group ( by David Herson - contact for more information

Highlite Modeling & Casting Agency Inc., (Highlite Modeling Agency) (,
the Better Business Bureau–Approved Photo Mill Scam (aka Models Net International, Inc.)

Hollywood Auditions aka Hitech Networks aka Hollywood Agency LLC
dba aka Michael Riley fake talent manager

Hollywood Agency LLC dba


Ikon Model Management

Image Development ( aka Image Development On-Line

Image Models & Talent (IMT) ( [Sunset Gower Studios]

Images of St. Louis / Images St. Louis John Robert Powers St. Louis (

IMTS (International Model & Talent Studios) in Edgewater, New Jersey

Industry Model Marketing ( aka Industria Models and Talent ( by Doug Hill

Industry Models and Talent Studio aka "Industry Studio" ( by Grace Adele

Infinite Talent LLC ( by Katie Ludwig

International Creative Artists (ICA) (Helene Goldnadel) (

International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention ("IMTA Convention")

International Presentation of Performers (IPOP) aka World Talent Inc aka IPOP Inc.
not by Helen Rogers (former owner of IMTA) in association with John Robert Powers

International Talent Management (ITM)

Irv Field (Principal, Elen's Kids)

ishine 360 Model Management (


james stephens

James Stephens (James W. Stephens) aka Dynasty Productions Inc.
aka American Models Inc. aka Model Call Online (

Jeff Chase

jeff curley photographer

Jeff Curley

Jeff Helms (Jeffrey L. Helms)

Jennifer Lynn Gill (Jennifer Gill, Jenifer Gil)

John Casablancas

John Casablancas Modeling School (JC; John Casablanca's Modeling & Career Center)

John Robert Powers: Complaints filed with District Attorney in Photo Mill Scheme; Criminal Indictment Follows
John Robert Powers Stars of Tomorrow Teen Expo (South Florida Expo Center)

John Casablanca's Modeling Schools (John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center)

Judith Delong

Judy Gibson Associates aka J. G. Model Management aka J.G. Models and Finishing Touches ( Hampton, VA

Justin Brown (JB Entertainment) (Justin Brown Entertainment) (


Kate Moss

Katie Ludwig Infinite Talent LLC (

Kenn Kerr (Photographer)

Kelli S. Harman (Kelli Harman, Kelly Harman), Owner, The Harman Agency

Kid Models LLC ( ( aka LLC aka Kid Models L.L.C.

Kids Hollywood aka The Kids Hollywood ( by Phyllis Henson

KSMMS PROMOTION SERVICES in HOUSTON, TEXAS. (KSMMS aka KSMMS Promotion Services aka aka Eml for more info.


Largo Model and Talent Inc. ( fka The Largo Group (

Leah Edwards

LeModeln Inc. (LeModeln Model and Talent Agency) [Boardman, Ohio]

Look Model & Marketing LLC

Lori Cunningham

Lorren and Macy's


Mac Model Management aka Mac Models aka Mac Models International
aka Mac's Model Management Gene Gordan in Beverly Hills Ursula Walkiewicz

Main Line Models and Talent in Media, Pennsylvania (

Manhattan Model Search, Inc.

Mark Pfeiler (Mark Filer, Mark Feiler)

Marquee Talent

Mary Reyes Valencia (Mary Valencia, Reje Valencia, Maria Lopez)

Matt Bowen (Photographer)

McCarty - Agency-Training in Salt Lake City, UT 84101 (Talent Agencies & Casting Services,  Modeling & Charm Schools). Email for more info, esp. if they try to sell you classes and/or pictures

Micheal Maddison Agency aka Moda Model Management Agency aka Moda Models in Dallas ( Malek Madison (

Michael John Wolfe aka Michael Wolfe Photography / Photographer (

Mike Curlee (Mike Currlee, Mike Curly)

Millennium Model Management (Milennium; Millenium; Milenium)

Minx Models ( Vanessa Helmer VMH Models (

Model2000 (Model 2000)

Model and Talent Search Canada (MTSC)

ModelCamp USA (

Model Club [Boston]

Model Development [Long Beach, California]

Model Productions (Regional Model Search for The National Film & Fashion Board) aka WISH Shopping Network LLC (W.I.S.H. Network) Ron Gross

Model (

Model Search USA, LLC (Hollywood, CA) (See

Model Select International

Model Talent Management

ModelWire, Inc. (Model Wire;

Models Casting, Inc. ( aka Cid Entertainment
aka Photography & Models (Miami, Florida) aka Models Casting Entertainment by Alex Cid (Photographer)

Models Center Studios aka Model Center Studios ( Irvine, CA. Vincent Gray, President

Models Net International, Inc. ( [Scranton, PA]


nacao models (

National Talent Resource ( Complaint: check bounced, unpaid, unable to contact agency. (Unlicensed = illegal)

Nancy Keogh f/k/a Nancy Sniffen

Nancy Keogh f/k/a Nancy Sniffen at Studio V, Inc. Model and Talent Management (Tampa) f/k/a Model 2000, Inc. Model and Talent Agency

Naomi Alves

Naomi Campbell

Neil Hamil Agency in Houston, Texas - eml for info (B.J. Shell) Jeff Schell (Mayo-Hill School of Modeling) (

Network International Models and Talent, Patrik Simpson, President (

New Faces Development Center ( aka New Faces (New Faces Development Center, Inc., New Faces DC, Inc.) [New York]

New Faces Models Agency. Kathy Camisa-Goetz. Tyson's Corner. 1144 Walker Rd, Suite H, Great Falls, VA 22066/ 703-438-8440. ($1,695 for "Professional Modeling Program," which is a 10-week training class that the models must take).

New Rising Stars ( aka LLC (

New York Model & Talent Search

New York Model Contract (NYMC; New York Model Contracts)

New Talent Management

New Young Stars (

Nijah Models and Talent

Noble Media Group (Bob Jaimeson, Photographer)

North America Modelling Association (NAMA) (North America Modeling Association) (North American Modeling Association) (

NYC Fame Management Group, Inc (NYC Fame)


Online Portfolios Inc. (

On Track Modeling (OTM) aka Alpha Model Group (AMG) aka Alpha Modeling Group

Our Rising Stars (


Pageant - Dream Girls U.S.A. and WCOPA - eml for more info.

Passport To Fame, LLC ( in Aberdeen, NC

Patricia Pascucci-Brown

Paul Palmero (Palmero Agency) (Palmero Men)

Pavel Maksimov (Photographer)

Peak Model Management LLC aka Peak Model and Talent Management aka The Peak Agency aka Peak Models ( Jason Ramirez

Penelope Lippincott fka Penny Clymer of Finesse Model Management and Finesse Creative Productions in Sausalito, California

Peter Glenn Publications

PhoneOps Management Inc. (

Phyllis Henson (Kids Hollywood aka The Kids Hollywood (

Posh Entertainment Group, Beverly Hills by Dana Dvorak

Premiere Models Inc. (Mike Rednour, Rick Gatti, Debbie Whitley) Louisville, KY

Prestige Modeling and Talent Agency (NH)

Pro Images International fka Pro Images Studios

Profile Model Agency (603) 893-2414 50 Northwestern Dr., Suite 110 Salem, NH 03079 (photo sales warning- eml for more info).

Promotional United Modeling & Talent Management (Southfield, MI) email for more info esp. if they want you to pay for photos
(Jack Demone, Co-Owner and Dave Robins, Co-Owner)


Print Models Network ( PMN aka Models Network aka Laser Lenz by Stephan Valero

Posh Entertainment Group ( See BBB complaint report

Prime Time Casting ( (Online casting service charging for free internet casting notices lifted from craigslist)

Pulse Management ( aka PA MA HAUKA CORPORATION
5th Element Artists, Inc., dba Fifth Element Artists (
Sub Zero Development
Stacey Eastman and Shayna Eastman
Della Bass, photographer


QuickBook Nationwide Worldwide (


RA Studios Long Beach Ricardo Alderete (

Red Alert Models

Red Model Management aka Red House of Models and Actors aka Model and Talent Discovery

Rhea Lawson

Richard Hronik (Richard Hronick, Rick Hronick, Rick Hronik)

Robert Cipriani fka FlyGirls International ( nka Blazing Photography (

Rob Garbarini Photography

Robert Amatruda ( aka Robert Amatruda & Associates Management

Robert A. Amatruda Management

Robert David Ecksmith, (R.D. Ecksmith, Robert Ecksmith) President of Alpha Modeling Group

Robert Jamieson Photographer (Noble Media Group)

Robert Macias

Robert Villard Photographer

Ron Gross of WISH Shopping Network ( starts similar pet modeling scheme: Pet Model Management

Ron Patterson

Roving Lens Model / Talent Agency ("Lagos, Nigeria"; "London, England")


Sal Robles (San Antonio) Photographer aka Glamour aka Glamour Models aka Texas Models - eml for more info.

SAS Studios LLC (Shawn Anthony) ( photography, photographer, comp cards "Modeling Agency" Sean & Sanders Studios California

Scott Bryant Photographer ( (Centreville, Virginia)

Scott Ridell (Scott Riddell, Scott Riddel, Scott Riddle)

Scouting Entertainment Group (SEG) ( and aka Hollywood ( aka Los Angeles Castings (

Shayna Eastman

Shayna Edwards

Soleil Model and Talent Management

Southern California Professional Model Management

Shaun Michael Entertainment Services, LLC

Shahid Bahadur aka Shah Bahadur ( "Online Talent Director" of Pulse Management in Salt Lake City, Utah

Shayna Eastman fka Shayna Edwards (Pulse Management, Capture Productions, Fifth Element Artists (5th Element Artists) (

Sidney North Entertainment (

Signature Models and Talent Arizona ( - eml for more info.

Spectrum Management, Inc. (Cheryl Murphy) aka Spectrum LA

Sports Worx ( aka College Match USA (

Stacey Eastman

Stacey Eastman aka Pulse Management Caught in Arizona. Ace reporter Rick DeBruhl recently busted Stacey Eastman for running a $2,000 photo racket. [cont...]
Stacey Eastman of Pulse Management's New Scam: Hasn't Paid Pulse Model Scout for Over a Year!

Star Casting

Starpower Entertainment (Bruce Edwin)

Star Search Casting (

Start Model Consultants

Starz National Models and Talent ("Starz")

Steel Models (Steel Talent) (Beverly Hills, CA) (

Steven Andres (

Stuart Kinzey

Studio V

Studio Kidz aka StarKids aka StudioKidz (Tracy Hartland) aka TVKidz
aka TV Kidz in association with The Hollywood Group (
aka Hollywood Handbook (Carlos Becerra) in Los Angeles

Susan Henrichs, AdKids Owner, Former Employee of

Super Fashions TV ( (

Suzi's International (Suzi's International Models)

SVI Talent Management aka SVI Talent Agency (


Take2 Talent ( Take 2 Talent - Folsom, California

Talent Managers of Hollywood fka Image Models and Talent (

Talent Marketing (

Tami Smith

Terrence A. Groman (Artist Management Group, Inc.) email for more info

Teresa Scordo

The Agency (The Agency Model Management) (

The Harman Agency

The Hollywood Group

Todd Gregory

Tomoko Kojima - eml for more info.

Tomorrow Talent (Actors Dispatch)

Tracy Hartland (Studio Kidz) in Los Angeles

Tracy Reed, Reed and Company Model Management ( Ormond Beach, Florida - email for more info

True (

Trump Model Management ( Donald Trump (John Tutolo, President)

TVKidz (TV Kidz) see Studio Kidz above




Vibrant Media, Inc.

Vivian Nell Modeling Agency (

Voltage Group (Mike Curlee, Shontel Shockey; email for more info, esp. if they try to sell pictures)


Wayne Dickens (Alpha Model Group, Atlanta, Georgia)

World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA)

WISH Shopping Network LLC (W.I.S.H. Network) Ron Gross and Colleen Gross (;
aka Worldwide Professional Modeling Agreement

William Hill (Bill Hill)


Xtreme Talent LLC of Fort Mill, SC by Allison Goebel (listed owner)

Xury White


Young Faces


Z Model Management

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