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Largo Model and Talent Inc. fka The Largo Group

November 9, 2004

[Last Updated: November 15, 2004 ]

Largo Model and Talent Inc.
468 North Camden Drive Suite 204
Beverly Hills CA 91210


Nicky Garcia

(aka Largo Models and Talent Inc.)

The company name, "Largo Model and Talent," may lead consumers to believe it is a talent agency (there are many modeling and talent agencies whose business names end in "Model and Talent" or "Models and Talent").

The company website claimed Largo is "a full service model and talent management company which represents talent." ( [November 9, 2004]

It did not make the important disclaimer or distinction that it is not a [licensed] talent agency. Consumers may assume it is a talent agency, or be under the impression a management firm is a modeling agency, but it isn't. There are two different strict California laws which relate to talent agencies and talent management firms, Labor Codes 1700 and 1701, respectively. (CA laws make no distinction between modeling agencies as talent agencies.)

Check to see if this company has a talent agency license:

A talent agency license is required to book models and actors in the state of California (Labor Code 1700).

A new talent management law was passed in California:

The background of Largo is representing in writing it is a modeling agency, even though it did not have the required modeling agency license.

Ask for a copy of the Largo contract and consult an entertainment lawyer or a state attorney at the DLSE (which gives talent agency licenses) to make sure Largo is in compliance with all relevant California entertainment laws governing licensing, payment, advance fees, etc., relating to photography, comp cards, etc.

A review of Largo's website offered no evidence it is successful at getting models and talent work and no claims about how much work, if any, they managed to get the many clients whose pictures appear on the site.

The credentials of the owner to recruit or manage talent were not identified on the site and remain unknown.