Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Reporting Internet, Email or Fax Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Scam Offers or Victimization

If you have been victimized by one of these schemes, I would appreciate it if you did not direct the scammers to this site. Apart from attempts to disable the site, they will become aware that their current aliases need changing.

Besides, they don't need proof that they are crooks. Please forward appropriate written documentation to the relevant authorities:

UNITED STATES ( and most other countries )

United States Secret Service,
Financial Crimes Division,
419 Task Force
950 H Street, NW,
Washington, DC 20001-4518

or telephone (202) 406-5850 fax: (202) 406-8203, (202) 406-6390

You can report this crime online to the U.S. Treasury Department Secret Service ( Nigerian Frauds )

How to report West African scams to this branch of government.

The Secret Service is apparently tired of getting all your spam so they now request that you contact a field office only if you have suffered a substantial loss.

A list of local Field Offices for the Secret Service.

Materials sent in should still be labeled No Financial Loss - For Your Database if that is the case and Loss - and whether or not there is a US Connection - if there was a loss. If you are from outside the US, you should also note the country you are from.

If you receive such a letter in the mail, do not respond. Send it to:

Inspection Service Operations Support Group
Two Gateway Center, 9th Floor
Newark, NJ 07175-0001


Anyone in the UK receiving such a letter or e-mail is advised not to reply.

Currently, businesses have no centralised police unit to report e-crime to. The National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) used to co-ordinate e-crime reports until it was subsumed into the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

SOCA was formed in May 2006 as an amalgamation of the NHTCU, National Crime Squad (NCS), National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) and a part of UK Immigration dealing with organised immigration crime (UKIS).

Email your concerns to Abuse & Fraud Reporting UK Police

Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting and information centre. Reporting Fraud to the UK Police Authorities

National Criminal Intelligence Service,
PO Box 8000,
London SE11 5EN

Specialist Crime OCU Fraud Squad
Wellington House, 67-73 Buckingham Gate,
London, SW1E 6BE
+44 (0) 20 7230 1220


PhoneBusters - Reporting Canadian-based telemarketing frauds and Nigerian Fraud


Netherlands authorities are also interested in receiving copies of correspondence (pertaining to a Dutch address or telephone number).

KLPD, Financial Crimes Unit,
Post Office Box 3016,
2700 KX Zoetermeer,
The Netherlands,

Attention: C. Schep

Fraud form, use this form only to report a fraud case to the Dutch authorities if you have been the victim of these type of fraudulent practices.


Commercial Crime Branch
Rian Visser
PO Box 367
South Africa


Our Organized Crime Unit are concentrating on the 419 scam, and will be able to use all information to draw profiles and link suspects to cases.

South African Police

South African Citizens and Residents

If you are a South African Citizen or Resident and have suffered NO financial loss, write "No financial Loss - For your Database" on the documents but if you are a South African Citizen or Resident and YOU HAVE SUFFERED A FINANCIAL LOSS, write "Financial Loss" on the documents you received and fax them to:

Contact: Supt. Sicro C. Schambriel
Commercial Crime, Head Office
Telephone number (012) 339 1203
Facsimile number (012) 339 1202

Individual progress reports will not be submitted to you where there has been NO loss.

Captain Harry Baatjies is commander of the 10-man 419-scam task team appointed to investigate the crime. Baatjies' team works closely with a co-ordinating office at police headquarters in Pretoria, headed by Superintendent Sicro Schambriel.

People who receive proposal letters they believe could be 419-scams are asked to forward the e-mail to along with a note to say whether or not they have responded.

Anyone with information can contact Baatjies on 082-778-7899 or 011-870-5390 during office hours.

International Citizens and Residents

Please fax correspondence, especially any banking data, so that it can be included in the Database.

State what country you are sending from, and state whether there has been a Loss or there is No Loss.

If there is a South African connection to the 4-1-9 operation, please clearly state exactly what that is and give details.

Do not expect to be contacted in either NO LOSS cases or in LOSS CASES without a South African connection.

To date, it remains accurate to say that in the vast majority of cases, since the authorities will not recover it for you, once you lose money to the 419ers you will never see it again.


Since 1991 thousands of such 'scam' letters, facsimiles and emails have been handed to the Australian Federal Police.

While the actual amount of money lost by businesses and the community is unknown, the number of people claiming to have been defrauded by these letters is relatively low.

It should be noted that the actual sending of such correspondence does not, under Commonwealth law, constitute an offence.

The AFP will continue to monitor the situation and suggests you ignore such letters and advise others to do the same.

Nigerian Federal Police - ?

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