Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

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Legal Advice Pertaining to Threats of Libel and Slander

Q: How far should I go in covering a scam which hasn't been officially charged yet? Even with a million complaint letters saying the same thing I get the feeling they can sue me for libel for posting them on my site. I thought opinion pieces had some leeway. Do I have a leg to stand on?

A: First, truth is a complete defense. That being said, the only way you can really show truth is in front of the judge. Best to not be sued and have to make a successful defense.

Second, there is some leeway. If you are simply printing consumer complaints, then it's less likely that you can be personally liable. If you have some kind of disclaimer, like, "I don't know if this is true and accurate, but I get lots of complaints like this one," it still doesn't protect you from getting sued, but it will prevent them from successfully suing you.

And it gets you out without having to show that their business is a scam. Merely showing that others believe so is sufficient.

Q: Even when I have someone write in asking about a company I have had demands to remove the company's name from the section as it deals with scams and could be interpreted as one. Another site that dealt with scams was shut down by his web site host because a company which had daily complaints from viewers threatened them.

A: It is not at all uncommon to have scam businesses respond with allegations of slander and libel. An overall disclaimer on your site that you do not verify the accuracy of the consumer complaints, but merely post them, should make the business realize that it can't shut you down.

In a recent Seattle case, the web host was sued to try to get the names of the people who had posted. The judge did not require the host to reveal the names unless the business had sued the people who had posted and shown that it could not get the names through some other method. The web host itself had no liability.

My most recent experience with scams trying to fight back by claiming slander is with Great Expectations Video Dating Service. They try to claim that anyone who posts on one of the several anti-GE websites has defamed them.

This doesn't make sense, because another defense to slander is that there are no damages, usually proven by showing the business' reputation in the community. Amway can't claim that you've slandered them by calling them a pyramid scheme because millions of people call Amway a pyramid scheme.

If it's not uncommon for consumers to complain about the business, then it's hardly a damaging comment. A business that claims this person said something bad about them (on a website where lots of people say bad things about them) wants to ignore the part in parentheses.

They also never state how they have calculated the damages that they have allegedly suffered. They can only recover their damages (or in some cases, "nominal damages").

Nominal damages are awarded where they technically win but could not show any accurate damages. In these situations, the court awards $100 to show that they won. Of course, the court case itself can be very expensive, and this is usually the big club that the business holds.

But in most cases, a "slander of a business by a consumer" case would be dismissed on a preliminary motion (such as where the web site contains a disclaimer).

I recently advised an Indianapolis Great Expectations member to respond to a slander and libel counterclaim to his lawsuit by printing out all of the Anti-GE pages off the internet and submitting them as evidence that you can't really hurt GE's reputation in the community.

I never heard back from the consumer, which is usually a sign of success. Think of how GE would have had to respond to this evidence. "Your Honor, everyone is slandering us." Gosh, I wonder why?

A threat of slander and libel is a sign that you're on the right track.

Mark Fleming

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